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Arkansas: I-40
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Interstate 55 Arkansas

Interstate 55 is a major north-south interstate which runs along the Mississippi River for most of its length. It begins in La Place, Louisiana at Interstate 10 and ends at U.S. 41/Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois. It travels through Jackson, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; Springfield, Illinois; and Chicago, Illinois on its trek throughout the central United States. On the third day of the Bayous & Blues Roadtrip I drove Interstate 55 from La Place, Louisiana to West Memphis, Arkansas.

Tennessee State Line to West Memphis
Pictures taken December 18, 2002

Welcome to Arkansas sign located inside the Mississippi River bridge.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 1 - Bridgeport Rd.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 3A - AR 131 - Mound City Rd.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 3B - Broadway Blvd.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 4 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr./Southland Dr. Notice how the least important words in the sign have a smaller font. Interstate 55 will merge with Interstate 40 West in about 1/2 mile.