Interstate 55 Missouri

Interstate 55 spans from La Place, Louisiana, through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois, to U.S. 41 in Chicago, Illinois. On the second day of the Delaware Trip, I drove Interstate 55 between Interstate 44 in St. Louis and Interstate 270 in Illinois. Pictures from Interstate 55 in Illinois can be found on the Interstate 70 Illinois page, since the two interstates are co-signed for their first 20 miles in Illinois, and I was on Interstate 70 throughout that entire state.

Interstate 44 to Interstate 70
Pictures taken March 14, 2003

Interstate 55 North at Exit 208 - Park Ave./7th St.
The Gateway Arch is barely visible through the
fog on the left side of this photograph.
Interstate 55 North approaching Exit 209A -
Downtown, and Exit 209B - Interstate 70 West -
1/2 mile. Traffic wanting to continue on Interstate
55 North must squeeze into the right lane here.
Now just 1/4 mile away from the split of Interstate
55 North and Interstate 70 West, another one of
the same sign diagrams appear. Not too much
more opportunity to squeeze into the right lane if
you want to go to Illinois!
Interstate 55 North at Exits 209A-B - Downtown/
Interstate 70 West. Interstate 55 traffic, however,
exits off the mainline highway and takes a
sharp curve to the right, and is merged onto
the Poplar St. bridge.
Now we are traveling on the Poplar St. Bridge
on Interstate 55 North/Interstate 64 East/
Interstate 70 East/U.S. 40 East. We are not
quite to Illinois yet, but will be in just seconds, as
long as we can get over!.

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