March 13-22, 2003

The first question you have is probably "Why in the world did you go to Delaware? Isn't that a little far away from home?!" Well, yes it is, but some good friends of mine invited me to visit them out in the First State, and the home of the Blue Hens. So that meant that I took advantage of the opportunity to take a roadtrip and see some friends and a part of the country I had never seen before this trip! I took this trip during my Spring Break from college. I started out at 1 on Thursday afternoon (the 13th), just an hour after my final class ended. The first day of travel took me to Joplin, Missouri. From there, I made hotel stops in Terre Haute, Indiana, and Washington, Pennsylvania. I arrived in Delmar, Delaware just before 4 in the afternoon on Sunday, March 16. I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there, compiling pictures from around the area and having good fellowship with the people who invited me in the first place! I began the trip back home on Thursday, March 20 and stayed in Wytheville, Virginia, and stayed in Jackson, Tennessee on Friday, March 21. I arrived back home about 5:30 on Saturday afternoon, after exactly 4,000 miles of driving! It was my longest roadtrip ever but it was well worth the effort to spend some time with the good people who invited me.

In a nutshell:

The trip route:

From Oklahoma City to Delaware-

I-35 --> I-44 --> I-70 --> I-695 --> I-97 --> U.S. 50/301 --> MD/DE 404 --> U.S. 13

From Delaware to Oklahoma City-

DE 54 --> U.S. 50/301 --> I-495 --> I-66 --> I-81 --> I-40 --> I-240

Thursday, March 13 - Drove 225 miles from Oklahoma City, OK to Joplin, MO | Picture Index
Friday, March 14 - Drove 456 miles from Joplin, MO to Terre Haute, IN |
Picture Index
Saturday, March 15 - Drove 416 miles from Terre Haute, IN to Washington, PA |
Picture Index
Sunday, March 16 - Drove 378 miles from Washington, PA to Delmar, DE |
Picture Index
Monday, March 17 - Drove 363 miles on a sidetrip to Washington, DC, and Ocean City, MD |
Picture Index
Tuesday, March 18 - Drove 313 miles on a sidetrip around central and southern Delaware |
Picture Index
Wednesday, March 19 - Drove 345 miles on a sidetrip to Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA |
Picture Index
Thursday, March 20 - Drove 434 miles from Delmar, DE to Wytheville, VA |
Picture Index
Friday, March 21 - Drove 496 miles from Wytheville, VA to Jackson, TN |
Picture Index
Saturday, March 22 - Drove 551 miles from Jackson, TN to Oklahoma City, OK |
Picture Index

Distance - 3,977 miles + 23 miles (other short trips related to the main trip) = 4,000 total miles

Roadtrip pages:

Oklahoma City to Delaware:
Interstate 35 | Interstate 44
Interstate 44 | Interstate 55
Interstate 70
Interstate 70
Interstate 70
West Virginia:
Interstate 70
Interstate 70
Interstate 70 | Interstate 695 | Interstate 97 | U.S. 50/301 | MD 404
DE 404 | U.S. 13

Side trip pages:
Washington, DC Interstates
Maryland Highway Guides
Delaware Highway Guides
Delaware State Highway Terminus Gallery & Guides
Philadelphia Interstates

Delaware to Oklahoma City:
DE/MD 54 | U.S. 50 | Interstate 495
Interstate 495 | Interstate 66 | Interstate 81
Interstate 81 | Interstate 40
Interstate 40
Interstate 40 | Interstate 240

Miscellaneous Pictures

Trip Summary Pages:
Days 1-4 (Oklahoma City to Delaware)
Days 5-7 (Side Trips while in Delaware)
Days 8-10 (Delaware to Oklahoma City) Home

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