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Monday, March 17, 2003

On this day, I got to experience driving in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. I drove about as close to the White House and Capitol as I possibly could (which isn't too close these days), and also got to drive Interstate 66 into DC and Interstate 395. From there, I drove back east to Ocean City, Maryland, where I saw the eastern end of U.S. 50. After that, I headed back to Delmar, and started preparing for the next day's journey. Due to the foggy and dreary weather, I didn't do too much in compiling the SE Maryland Terminus Gallery & Guides, but I did get a little bit of a start on Delaware's by getting the western end of DE 26.

Day Five Trip Log:
Departed Delmar, DE: 9:18 AM; mile 95,520
Xtra Fuels (Queenstown, MD) - Gas: 10:41 AM; mile 95,591
Burger King (Easton, MD) - Lunch: 2:27 PM-2:46 PM; mile 95,758
Wal-Mart (Salisbury, MD): 5:12 PM; mile 95,877
Arrive Delmar, DE: 5:44 PM; mile 95,883

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I began compiling the Delaware State Highway Terminus Gallery & Guides on this day. It was another mostly cloudy day, but at least the sun did come out a few times. I cut the trip a little shorter than planned due to weariness. I guess 2,000 miles of driving in six days gets to you! I also saw the Atlantic Ocean several times on this day, but again, it was too foggy to see much of it.

Day Six Trip Log:
Departed Delmar, DE: 9:28 AM; mile 95,883
Gulf (Harrington, DE) - Gas: 10:21 AM; mile 95,922
Arrive Delmar, DE: 4:43 PM; mile 96,196

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

This day will go down in history as the day the War on Iraq began. Before then, however, I took a trip up the DE 1 Turnpike to Wilmington, then took Interstate 95 up to Philadelphia, hit Interstate 76 East to Interstate 295 in New Jersey, drove Interstate 295 south to Interstate 495, then drove all of Interstate 495. I drove all of Delaware's interstate mileage in about 90 minutes! The weather was cloudy in Delaware once again, but it was sunny in Philadelphia and New Jersey!

Day Seven Trip Log:
Departed Delmar, DE: 9:09 AM; mile 96,196
Mobil (Smyrna, DE) - Gas: 10:31 AM; mile 96,270
Oil & Air Filter Change (Dover, DE) - approx. 2:30-3:00 PM; mile 96,483
Arrive Delmar, DE: 4:44 PM; mile 96,541

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