Trip Summary - Days 8-10
Delaware to Oklahoma City

Thursday, March 20, 2003

This was the day I said goodbye to Delaware. (For now!) This was also the rainiest day of the trip so far. It rained continuously from Delmar to central Virginia! So most pictures from this day have a windshield wiper or rain in them, and I apologize for that. I saw traffic backed up for at least 10 miles in the other direction (northbound) on Interstate 81 near Roanoke due to a semi accident. Gas prices are about $1.55/gallon around the state of Virginia, except for the Washington, DC area.

Day Eight Trip Log:
Departed Delmar, DE: 8:57 AM; mile 96,561
Chevron (Linkwood, MD) - Gas: 9:52 AM; mile 96,588
Wendy's (Manassas, VA) - Lunch: 12:15 PM-12:37 PM; mile 96,719
Exxon (Troutville, VA) - Gas: 3:46 PM; mile 96,913
Arrived Motel 6 (Wytheville, VA): 5:13 PM; mile 96,995

Friday, March 21, 2003

On this day, I drove from Wytheville, Virginia, through the Blue Ridge Mountains, Knoxville, and Nashville, to Jackson, Tennessee. It was foggy once again to start out the day, but it was clear about five miles west of Wytheville! The clear skies didn't last long, however, as it was cloudy from Knoxville to Jackson (about 300 miles). Knoxville was interesting to drive through, but Nashville was actually relatively easy. I also crossed back into the Central Time Zone after a week of being in the Eastern Time Zone. After 496 miles of driving, I made it to the Motel 6 of Jackson, and there's just one day and 550 miles remaining!

Day Nine Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (Wytheville, VA): 8:44 AM; mile 96,998
Sonic (Wytheville, VA) - Breakfast: 8:56 AM-9:10 AM; mile 97,001
Petro (Damascus, VA) - Break: 9:59 AM; mile 97,047
Exxon (Crab Orchard, TN) - Gas: 11:54 AM CST; mile 97,244
McDonald's (Crossville, TN) - Lunch: 12:06 PM-12:31 PM; mile 97,251
Williams Travel Center (Dickson, TN) - Break: 2:42 PM; mile 97,401
Arrived Motel 6 (Jackson, TN): 4:47 PM; mile 97,494

Saturday, March 22, 2003

This was the longest, and last, day of the trip. I drove 551 miles on this day from Jackson, Tennessee, to home. The weather was also the best of the trip, as it was in the 60s with sunny skies most of the way, except for Oklahoma (of course!). When I pulled into the garage at home just before 5:30, I had driven exactly 4,000 miles on the trip. The car's mileage was at 94,046 when I left on Day One (March 13), and ended up at 98,046 after this day was over.

Day Ten Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (Jackson, TN): 8:13 AM; mile 97,495
Burger King (Jackson, TN) - Breakfast: 8:18 AM-8:35 AM; mile 97,496
Petro (West Memphis, AR) - Gas: 9:55 AM; mile 97,584
Hardee's (Conway, AR) - Lunch: 12:18 PM-12:47 PM; mile 97,738
Phillips 66 (Warner, OK) - Gas: 3:27 PM; mile 97,917
Arrived Home (Oklahoma City, OK): 5:26 PM; mile 98,046

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