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Days 1-5
(OKC to Palm Bay)

Days 6-8
(Palm Bay to Charlotte)

Days 9-11
(Charlotte to OKC)

Day One:
Oklahoma: I-44
Texas: I-44 | U.S. 287 |
I-35W | I-820 | I-30 | I-20

Day Two:
Texas: I-20

Louisiana: I-20 | I-49 |
I-220/LA 3132

Day Three:
Louisiana: I-49 | I-10
Mississippi: I-10
Alabama: I-10

Day Four:
Florida: I-10 | I-75 | I-4

Day Five:
Florida: I-4 | I-75 | FL 826 | FL 836 | I-95

Day Six:
Florida: I-95
Georgia: I-95 | I-16 | I-75

Day Seven:
Georgia: I-475 | I-75 |
South Carolina: I-85
North Carolina: I-85 |
I-485 | I-277 | NC 16

Day Eight:
North Carolina: U.S. 74 | U.S. 1 | U.S. 220 | I-73 |
I-40 | Bus. I-40 | U.S. 52 |
I-74 | I-77

Day Nine:
North Carolina: I-85
South Carolina: I-85 | Business Loop I-85 | I-585
I-85 | I-285 | I-75
I-75 | I-24

Day Ten:
Tennessee: I-24
Kentucky: I-24
Illinois: I-24 | I-57
Missouri: I-57 | I-55
Arkansas: I-55

Day Eleven:
Arkansas: I-40
Oklahoma: I-40 | I-240

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Trip Summaries: Days 6-8
(Palm Bay to Charlotte)

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Day Five was the longest day of the trip, with 510 miles driven between Palm Bay and Macon, Georgia. But the weather was great, as temperatures were in the 60s. The main highlight of the day was that I clinched Interstate 16. I also got to drive through Jacksonville and Savannah.

Day Six Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (Palm Bay, FL) - 7:38 AM; mile 52,407
McDonald's (Palm Bay, FL) - 7:52-8:06 AM; mile 52,408
Daytona USA (Daytona Beach, FL) - Souvenirs - 9:29 AM; mile 52,502
Mobil (Kingsland, GA) - Gas - 11:43 AM; mile 52,632
Burger King (Kingsland, GA) - Lunch - 11:50 AM-12:09 PM; mile 52,632
El Cheapo (Statesboro, GA) - Break - 2:18 PM; mile 52,781
Arrived Motel 6 (Macon, GA) - 4:34 PM; mile 52,917

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

It was a lot colder and windier on this day than the previous day, but the skies were still sunny for this day's 345 miles of driving. Once I got to Charlotte and met up with Chris Patriarca, we did a 95-mile trip around the Charlotte area, and I got to clinch Interstate 277 and Interstate 485.

Day Seven Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (Macon, GA) - 7:41 AM; mile 52,923
TA Travel Center (Jackson, GA) - Gas - 8:16 AM; mile 52,960
Valvoline Instant Oil Change (Lawrenceville, GA) - Oil Change - 9:40 AM; mile 53,033
Arrived Charlotte, NC - 1:30 PM; mile 53,268

Thursday, December 18, 2003

The skies were a little cloudy for most of this day, but that meant perfect conditions for road sign photography! I had an interesting moment on this day when I was pulled over in Rockingham, North Carolina. Apparently, a car similar to mine had been stolen in the area and they were checking to make sure my car wasn't the one that was stolen. Of course, it wasn't, so it was a quick stop, with nothing more to report. As for the driving, I drove all of Interstate 73 and Interstate 74 in North Carolina, then went north on Interstate 77 to the first exit in Virginia, then turned around and went back south to Charlotte.

Day Eight Trip Log:
Departed Charlotte, NC - 9:01 AM; mile 53,363
McDonald's (Monroe, NC) - Break - 9:51 AM; mile 53,391
Hardee's (Biscoe, NC) - Lunch - 11:38-11:57 AM; mile 53,478
Rest Area (Union Grove, NC) - Break - 2:31 PM; mile 53,649
Raceway (Charlotte, NC) - Gas - 3:59 PM; mile 53,732
Arrived Charlotte, NC - 4:20 PM; mile 53,739