U.S. 11

U.S. 11 takes an unusual journey through the Tuscaloosa area. It comes in from the west, then heads south on Interstate 359, then heads back to the east just south of Interstate 359's southern terminus at Interstate 20/Interstate 59. For coverage of U.S. 11 during its duplex with Interstate 359, see that page.

All pictures taken 7/30/03

U.S. 11 South at U.S. 82. This intersection is one of
the most dangerous in the state of Alabama.
U.S. 11 South approaching CR-37.
U.S. 11 South at CR-37 South.
U.S. 11 South at CR-37 North.
U.S. 11 South at Interstate 20 East/Interstate 59
U.S. 11 South at Interstate 20 West/Interstate 59
U.S. 11 South at AL 215 South. AL 215 may be a
former alignment of U.S. 11 through Tuscaloosa.

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