U.S. 82

U.S. 82 is the main east-west route through the Northport area, then the highway curves to the south in the Tuscaloosa area. A short freeway segment exists CR-47 and AL 215.

All pictures taken 7/30/03

U.S. 82 West/U.S. 43 North at U.S. 43 North in
U.S. 82 East/U.S. 43 South at U.S. 43 South/
AL 69.
U.S. 82 East at CR-47.
U.S. 82 East at Rice Mine Rd. ramp.
U.S. 82 East at Jack Warner Pkwy. exit. I
missed the actual exit sign, so I got the next
best thing - the gore point signage.
U.S. 82 West at Jack Warner Pkwy. exit.
U.S. 82 West at Jack Warner Pkwy. -
Tuscaloosa/Holt exit.
U.S. 82 East at Campus Dr. exit.
U.S. 82 West at Campus Dr. exit.
View from the end of the off-ramp from U.S.
82 East to AL 215.
U.S. 82 West approaching AL 215 - University
Blvd. exit.
U.S. 82 West at AL 215 - University Blvd. exit.
U.S. 82 West at Interstate 20 West/Interstate
59 South.
U.S. 82 West at Interstate 20 East/Interstate
59 North - Birmingham.
U.S. 82 West at U.S. 11.
U.S. 82 East at AL 215 North. This is the
southern terminus of AL 215.

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