DE 2

Highway Review:
Continuing from Maryland (where the highway is MD 279), DE 2 serves the Newark and Wilmington areas. A business spur of the route goes through downtown Newark, while the actual highway bypasses the home city of the University of Delaware. DE 2 is duplexed with DE 4 south of Newark and with DE 72 east of the city.

Highway Information:
Distance: 15.8 miles
Counties traveled through: New Castle
Highway intersections: Business DE 2/DE 4/896 (Mile 1.0), DE 896 (Mile 2.5), DE 4/72 (Mile 3.3), DE 273 (Mile 4.8), DE 273 (Mile 5.0), DE 72 (Mile 6.2), DE 7 (Mile 10.1), DE 41 (Mile 11.8), DE 141 (Mile 12.4), DE 100 (Mile 14.0), DE 48 (Mile 15.0), DE 9 (Mile 15.2), DE 52 (Mile 15.8)
Highway duplexes: DE 4 (Miles 1.0-3.3, 2.3 miles), DE 896 (Miles 1.0-2.5, 1.5 miles), DE 72 (Miles 3.3-6.2, 2.9 miles), DE 273 (Miles 4.8-5.0, 0.2 miles)

Maryland State Line, continues as Maryland Highway 279

"Welcome to Maryland" sign on MD 279 West. The
highway has already intersected MD 277. There is
no end sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 3/19/03)


DE 2/4 West/DE 896 North at DE 896 North/Business
DE 2 East in Newark. This is the western terminus of
DE 4. (Photo taken 3/19/03)
"END DE 4" sign as the highways approach Business
DE 2. (Photo taken 3/19/03)
DE 2/4 West/DE 896 North assurance shields in
Newark. (Photo taken 3/19/03)
DE 2/4 West at DE 896 South in Newark. (Photo
taken 3/19/03)
DE 2/DE 4 West assurance shields just west of DE
72. The highways share a two mile duplex on the south
side of Newark. (Photo taken 3/19/03)
DE 2 West/DE 72 South at DE 72 South in Newark.
The cross street is also DE 4. DE 2 turns to the
right (west) at this stoplight. (Photo taken 3/19/03)
DE 2 West/DE 72 South at DE 273 in Newark. DE
2 once went to the right here as well. Now it is the
westbound beginning of Business DE 2. (Photo taken
DE 2 West/DE 72 South assurance shields southwest
of the north beginning of their duplex. (Photo taken
DE 2 West at DE 72 North. (Photo taken 3/19/03)

DE 52, Wilmington

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