DE 6

Highway Review:
DE 6 connects the eastern shore of Maryland to Clayton, Smyrna, and Woodland Beach. The highway ends just before it reaches the Delaware Bay in Woodland Beach.

Highway Information:
Distance: 17.3 miles
Counties traveled through: Kent
Highway intersections: DE 42 (Mile 3.2), DE 15 (Mile 5.5), DE 15 (Mile 6.7), DE 300 (Mile 7.9), U.S. 13 (Mile 9.0), U.S. 13 (Mile 9.3), DE 9 (Mile 14.5)
Highway duplexes: DE 15 (Miles 5.5-6.7, 1.2 miles), U.S. 13 (Miles 9.0-9.3, 0.3 miles)

Maryland State Line, continues as MD 291

MD 291 West assurance shield just west of the state line. There is
no "END" sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
First DE 6 East assurance shield. The highway goes through the
Blackiston Wildlife Area for its first half a mile. (Photo taken


DE 6 East at DE 42 East. DE 42 spans from here to DE 9 in Leipsic.
(Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West at DE 42 East. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West/DE 15 South at DE 15 South. The two highways have a
mile-long duplex. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West at DE 15 North. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West at DE 300 West in Smyrna. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
U.S. 13 North/DE 6 West at DE 6 West in Smyrna. This is the
northern end of this short duplex. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West at U.S. 13 in Smyrna. The highway turns right here and
heads north for about 1/4 mile. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West at DE 9 west of Woodland Beach. This is the final
highway intersection for eastbound traffic heading to the beach,
and the first highway intersection for those heading away from the
beach. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 East assurance shield east of DE 9. This is the final shield
seen on the highway before coming to an end in three miles. (Photo
taken 3/18/03)

Woodland Beach

A view of the Delaware Bay from the end of the road. DE 6 ends as
the highway enters town, but there is no "END" sign present. (Photo
taken 3/18/03)
DE 6 West assurance shield as the highway leaves Woodland
Beach. The DE 9 junction is three miles ahead, and Smyrna is about
five miles away. (Photo taken 3/18/03) Home --> Delaware Highway Guides --> Delaware State Highway Terminus Gallery & Guides

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