DE 8

Highway Review:
DE 8 is the main east-west highway through the state capital of Dover.

Highway Information:
Distance: 17.1 miles
Counties traveled through: Kent
Highway intersections: DE 44 (Mile 6.2), DE 15 (Mile 12.0), Alternate U.S. 13 (Mile 13.0), U.S. 13 (Mile 13.6), DE 1 (Mile 14.9), DE 9 (Mile 17.1)
Highway duplexes: None

Maryland State Line, continues as MD 454

"Welcome to Delaware" sign as MD 454 South becomes DE 8
East. The highway will intersect DE 44 in six miles. (Photo taken
DE 8 East assurance shield just east of the state line. (Photo
taken 3/18/03)


DE 8 East at DE 44 West. This corner is known to locals as
Pearsons Corner. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 8 West at DE 44 West. DE 44 connects to Hartly and DE 11
before coming to an end just east of the Maryland State Line at
DE 300. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 8 East at DE 15 in Dover. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 8 East at Alternate U.S. 13 in Dover. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 8 East at U.S. 13 in Dover. The Delaware State Capitol is a
few blocks to the south and east of this intersection. (Photo taken
DE 8 East at TO DE 1 North between Dover and Little Creek.
(Photo taken 3/18/03)

DE 9, Little Creek

DE 8 East at DE 9 near Little Creek. There is no "END" sign at this
terminus. (Photo taken 3/18/03) Home --> Delaware Highway Guides --> Delaware State Highway Terminus Gallery & Guides

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