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Interstate 535 Minnesota/Wisconsin

Interstate 535 connects Superior, Wisconsin, to Duluth, Minnesota. The highway is duplexed with U.S. 53 for its entire length. At its southern terminus, Interstate 535 splits into U.S. 53 and Wisconsin 35.

Highway Information

Miles Wisconsin (1.21)
Minnesota (1.57)
Counties Traveled
Douglas (WI),
St. Louis (MN)
Cities Superior, WI;
Duluth, MN
Major Junctions Interstate 35
OKRoads Coverage
Miles Driven
by OKRoads
3 (100%)
Southern End of
Interstate Driven
U.S. 53
Northern End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 35


Interstate 535/U.S. 53 South assurance
shields just south of Interstate 35.
(Photo taken 8/10/04)
Interstate 535 South at Garfield Ave./
Port Terminal. The Blatnik Bridge is
just ahead. (Photo taken 8/10/04)
Interstate 535 South as it begins to
cross the Blatnik Bridge. (Photo
taken 8/10/04)
Interstate 535/U.S. 53 pull-through
panel as the highway enters Wisconsin.
(Photo taken 8/10/04)
Interstate 535 South approaching
U.S. 53/WI 35 South - 1/2 mile.
(Photo taken 8/10/04)
Interstate 535 South approaching
U.S. 53/WI 35 South - 1/4 mile.
(Photo 8/10/04)
Interstate 535 South at U.S. 53/
WI 35 South. This marks the southern
end of Interstate 535. (Photo taken
"Wisconsin Welcomes You" sign as
we have entered the state. The sign
is on the left side of the photo. An
"END Interstate 535" sign assembly
is posted just past the welcome sign.
(Photo taken 8/10/04)
U.S. 53 South at Interstate 535/U.S. 53
North. (Photo taken 8/10/04)
Interstate 535/U.S. 53 North assurance
shields on the ramp connecting U.S.
53 to Interstate 535. (Photo taken

Page created: May 13, 2005
Last updated: May 13, 2005