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Interstate 86

Interstate 86 is one of the nation's newest interstates. Commissioned in 1999, the interstate spends most of its mileage in New York along the Southern Tier Expressway (New York 17). Construction is progressing on upgrading all of New York 17 between New York 14 in Horseheads and Interstate 87 in Harriman to interstate standards. Full completion of Interstate 86 is scheduled to occur by 2009.

A separate Interstate 86 exists in Idaho, connecting Interstate 84 to Interstate 15. Since we have never been to Idaho, this is the only Interstate 86 page we have. However, if all goes according to plan, we will be driving Interstate 86 in Idaho during the Summer 2006 Roadtrip, so this page may be updated. This page will serve as a portal for both Interstate 86's.

Highway Information

States Traveled Through
(Mileage in state)
Idaho (62.85)

Pennsylvania (6.99)
New York (176.57)

Total Mileage 246.41
Cities Idaho:
American Falls, Pocatello


New York:
Jamestown, Salamanca,
Olean, Hornell, Corning

Source 10/31/02 Interstate
Route Log & Finder List
OKRoads Coverage
Miles Driven
by OKRoads
Western: 0 (0%)
Eastern: 184 (100%)
Western End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 90
Eastern End of
Interstate Driven
New York 14

Selected Pictures
For more pictures of Interstate 86 from a particular state, click on the state below.

Mile marker 0 on Interstate 86 East. The first Interstate 86 assurance shield is visible just ahead. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 East at Exit 3 - Pennsylvania 89 - North East/Wattsburg. This is the only Interstate 86 interchange in Pennsylvania. The next exit is four miles ahead in New York. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
New York
Interstate 86 and New York 17 East at Exit 9 - New York 430 East - Bemus Point. This interchange is immediately after the Southern Tier Expressway crosses Chautauqua Lake. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 and New York 17 East at Exit 21 - U.S. 219 North - Parkway Drive. This is the second of two exits to serve the city of Salamanca. Allegany State Park is just to the south of the Southern Tier Expressway between exits 18 and 23. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 reaches its highest elevation between exits 32 and 33 in Allegany County. The interstate reaches 2,110 feet above sea level at this point. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 and New York 17 East at Exit 36 - Interstate 390 and New York 15 North - Rochester. Interstate 390 reaches its northern terminus at Interstate 490 in Rochester in 79 miles. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 and New York 17 East at Exit 52B - New York 14 - Watkins Glen/Elmira Heights. This marks the current eastern terminus of Interstate 86. (Photo taken 7/8/05)

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Page created: January 02, 2006
Last updated: January 02, 2006