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Interstate 86 Pennsylvania

Highway Information

Miles 6.99
Counties Traveled
Cities Erie
Major Junctions Interstate 90
(Exits 1A-B)
OKRoads Coverage
Miles Driven
by OKRoads
7 (100%)
Western End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 90
Eastern End of
Interstate Driven
New York State Line


Interstate 86 East
Mile marker 0 on Interstate 86 East. The first Interstate 86 assurance shield is visible just ahead. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Close-up of the first Interstate 86 East assurance shield. This was possible because of slow speeds associated with the resurfacing project. Eastbound traffic was narrowed to one lane for all seven miles of Interstate 86 in Pennsylvania. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Mileage sign on Interstate 86 East just east of Interstate 90. The first (and only) interchange in Pennsylvania on eastbound Interstate 86 is three miles ahead at Pennsylvania 89. From there, it is a six-mile northbound drive to North East borough. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 East approaching Exit 3 - Pennsylvania 89 - 2 miles. The state highway begins at Pennsylvania 5 in North East and goes south to Titusville, where it ends at Pennsylvania 8 and Pennsylvania 27 in the southeast Crawford County city. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 East approaching Exit 3 - Pennsylvania 89 - 1 mile. Wattsburg borough (pop. 378) is at the confluence of Pennsylvania state highways 8, 89, and 474. The Erie County borough is ten miles to the south. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 86 East at Exit 3 - Pennsylvania 89 - North East/Wattsburg. The next exit is four miles ahead in New York. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Mileage sign on Interstate 86 East after the Pennsylvania 89 diamond interchange. Findley Lake, New York, is five miles away. Jamestown is 33 miles ahead. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
The first interchange in New York, which uses sequential exit numbers, is not Exit 1. Rather, it is Exit 4, which sequentially speaking, puts it right after Exit 3, the only Pennsylvania exit. Use New York 426 south to the Peek'n Peak Ski Resort and Conference Center. (Photo taken 7/8/05)

Page created: January 01, 2006
Last updated: January 02, 2006