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Interstate 89 Vermont

Highway Information

Miles 130.25
Counties Traveled
Windsor, Orange,
Washington, Chittenden,
Cities Montpelier, Waterbury,
Burlington, St. Albans,
Major Junctions Interstate 91

Interstate 189
(Exit 13)

OKRoads Coverage
Miles Driven
by OKRoads
1 (1%)
Southern End of
Interstate Driven
New Hampshire
State Line
Northern End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 91


Interstate 89 North
A Vermont welcome center is located in White River Junction off of Interstate 91. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 89 North approaching Interstate 91 North - 1/4 mile. This is the first warning motorists have of the interstate-to-interstate junction. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Welcome to Vermont sign on Interstate 89 North. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 89 North at Interstate 91 North - White River Junction. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 89 North at Interstate 91 South - Brattleboro. The pull-through panel for Interstate 89 simply says "Thru Traffic". These overheads are on the overpass that carries Interstate 91's northbound lanes. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Gore point signage at Interstate 91 South. Brattleboro is 62 miles to the south of this modified cloverleaf. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 89 South
Interstate 89 South as it prepares to cross the Connecticut River into the state of New Hampshire. The first exit in the Granite State is Exit 20 at New Hampshire 12A. Head south on the state highway to the Lebanon Municipal Airport and the town of Plainfield. (Photo taken 7/9/05)

Page created: January 20, 2006
Last updated: January 20, 2006