MD 318

Highway Review:
MD 318 begins at MD 16/MD 331 near Ellwood. The highway then intersects MD 313 west of Federalsburg, where MD 318 goes south and east with MD 313 in a two mile duplex. After that, MD 318 has an intersection with MD 315 at its southern terminus, then a short time later, MD 318 enters Delaware, where it becomes DE 18.

Highway Information:
Distance: 11.3 miles
Counties traveled through: Caroline
Highway intersections: MD 16/MD 331 (Mile 0.0), MD 313 (Mile 6.0), MD 307 (Mile 6.5), MD 308 (Mile 7.7), MD 313 (Mile 8.2), MD 315 (Mile 10.0)
Highway duplexes: MD 313 (Miles 6.0-8.2, 2.2 miles)

MD 16/MD 331, north of Ellwood

There is no coverage of this terminus here. And there probably won't be anytime soon!
If you do have photographs of this terminus, feel free to let me know.


MD 313 North/MD 318 West at MD 318 West. The two highways
bypass the city of Federalsburg to its south and west. (Photo
taken 8/5/03)
MD 313 North/MD 318 West at MD 307 West. The intersection
is on a roundabout. The sign pictured here puts motorists on the
correct road if they want to continue on MD 313 and MD 318.
(Photo taken 8/5/03)
MD 313 North/MD 318 West assurance shields just west of their
intersection south of Federalsburg. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
MD 318 West at MD 313 South. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
MD 318 West at MD 315 North. MD 315 is a business route of
sorts for MD 318. It runs directly through Federalsburg, while MD
318 bypasses the city. (Photo taken 8/5/03)

Delaware State Line, continues as DE 18

MD 318 West assurance shield just west of the state line. (Photo
taken 8/5/03)
"Welcome to Maryland" sign as DE 18 becomes MD 318. (Photo
taken 8/5/03) Home --> Other Highway Guides