MD 348

Highway Review:
MD 348 begins at MD 313 in Sharptown, and goes just over a mile south and east to Delaware, where the highway becomes DE 24.

Highway Information:
Distance: 1.3 miles
Counties traveled through: Wicomico
Highway intersections: MD 313 (Mile 0.0)
Highway duplexes: None

MD 313, Sharptown

MD 348 West at MD 313. Sharptown is just ahead. (Photo taken
MD 313 North at MD 348 East. (Photo taken 8/5/03)

Delaware State Line, continues as DE 24

"Welcome to Delaware" sign as MD 348 becomes DE 24. (Photo
taken 8/5/03)
DE 24 East assurance shield just east of the state line. U.S. 13 is
seven miles ahead. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
"Welcome to Maryland" sign as DE 24 West becomes MD 348
West. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
MD 348 West assurance shield just west of the state line. The
highway's life is short lived, as its western end is just one mile
ahead at MD 313. (Photo taken 8/5/03) Home --> Other Highway Guides