MD 392

Highway Review:
MD 392 begins at DE 16 near East New Market. From there, the highway heads through Hubbard, Hurlock, and Finchville before changing to DE 20 at the Delaware state line.

Highway Information:
Distance: 13.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Dorchester
Highway intersections: MD 16 (Mile 0.0), MD 14 (Mile 1.1), MD 331 (Mile 5.0), MD 313 (Mile 10.0), MD 577 (Mile 13.5)
Highway duplexes: None

MD 16, East New Market

There is no coverage of this terminus here. And there probably won't be anytime soon!
However, if you do have pictures of this terminus, please let me know!


MD 392 East assurance shield just east of MD 313. MD 392 ends
in three and a half miles. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
MD 392 East at MD 577 North. The intersection is located just feet
from the state line. (Photo taken 8/5/03)

Delaware State Line, continues as DE 20

DE 20 East assurance shield just east of the state line. U.S. 13
is seven miles ahead. (Photo taken 8/5/03) Home --> Other Highway Guides