MD 528

Highway Review:
MD 528 is the main street of Ocean City. Its southern terminus is at the same intersection as the eastern terminus of U.S. 50, which has its western end over 3,000 miles away in Sacramento, California.

Highway Information:
Distance: 8.7 miles
Counties traveled through: Worcester
Highway intersections: U.S. 50 (Mile 0.0), MD 90 (Mile 4.1)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 50, Ocean City

MD 528 South approaching U.S. 50 West. Ocean City was not very
hoppin' this St. Patrick's Day, and the reason is obvious - it was
very foggy! (Photo taken 3/17/03)
MD 528 South at U.S. 50 West. As is typical with Maryland highways,
there is no end sign at this terminus. A right turn just ahead will put
you onto the western beginning of U.S. 50, which doesn't find its
western end until Interstate 80 in Sacramento, California, a distance
of 3,073 miles. (Photo taken 3/17/03)

Delaware State Line, continues as DE 1

"Welcome to Delaware & Our Resort Beaches" sign as MD 528
becomes DE 1. The new highway's first intersection is DE 20/
DE 54, which is at the stoplight in the distance. (Photo taken
An old-style "MD-DEL LINE" sign is present on the west side of
the highway at the state line. (Photo taken 8/3/03)
"Welcome to Ocean City" and "Welcome to Maryland" signage
as MD 528 South begins. MD 90 is four and a half miles ahead.
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