MD 662

Highway Review:
MD 662 runs parallel to U.S. 50 between Easton and Queenstown. The highway was once U.S. 50 in that area before it was rerouted on a much straighter, 4-lane alignment.

Highway Information:
Distance: 13.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Talbot, Queen Anne's
Highway intersections: MD 322/565 (Mile 0.0), MD 309 (Mile 1.4), U.S. 50 (Mile 6.1), U.S. 50 (Mile 8.4), U.S. 50 (Mile 8.9), MD 404 (Mile 11.8), MD 213 (Mile 11.9), U.S. 50 (Mile 13.2)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 50 (Miles 8.4-8.9, 0.5 mile)

MD 322/565, Easton

There is no coverage of this terminus here. And there probably won't be anytime soon!
However, if you do have pictures of this terminus, please let me know!


MD 662 North at MD 404 East in Wye Mills. This is the
western terminus of MD 404, which becomes the
main route from U.S. 50 to the Delaware resort
beaches a mile east of here. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
MD 662 South at MD 404 East in Wye Mills. (Photo
taken 3/17/03)
MD 662 North at MD 213 North in Wye Mills. MD 213
runs along former U.S. 213 along the Eastern Shore.
(Photo taken 3/17/03)

U.S. 50, north of Wye Mills

U.S. 50 East at MD 662 South. (Photo taken 3/16/03)
U.S. 50 West at MD 662 South. (Photo taken 3/17/03) Home --> Other Highway Guides --> Delaware Trip Home

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