MD 675

Highway Review:
MD 675 connects U.S. 13 between Salisbury and Delmar to the business district of Delmar.

Highway Information:
Distance: 2.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Wicomico
Highway intersections: U.S. 13 (Mile 0.0), MD/DE 54 (Mile 2.2)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 13, north of Salisbury

MD 675 South approaching U.S. 13. (Photo taken
MD 675 South at U.S. 13. As is normal for Maryland,
there is no "END" sign at this terminus.
taken 8/6/03)
U.S. 13 North at MD 675. (Photo taken 8/3/03)
U.S. 13 South at JCT MD 675. (Photo taken 3/17/03)

MD/DE 54, Delmar

MD 675 assurance shield just south of the state line.
(Photo taken 8/6/03)
MD 675 North at MD 54 in Delmar. Just past the stoplight
lies the state of Delaware. MD/DE 54 straddles the state
line for several miles. It is signed as MD 54 going east
and is DE 54 going west. (Photo taken 3/17/03) Home --> Other Highway Guides --> Delaware Trip Home