The Garden State Parkway (GSP) is the main north-south route for eastern New Jersey. It begins at NJ 109 near Cape May and ends 172 miles later at the New York state line.

All pictures taken 8/4/03

NJ 109 South at the Garden State Parkway.
The northbound beginning of the Garden State
Parkway, north of Cape May.
The speed limit is posted at 65 for most of the rural
stretches of the GSP. Unlike most freeways, the
speed limit signs are on the left side of the highway.
GSP North at Exit 4 - NJ 47 - Wildwoods/Rio Grande.
Gore point signage at Exit 4.
Near Cape May Court House, the GSP becomes an
at-grade expressway with stoplights. The intersections
are signed with an exit number, even though they
aren't really exits. In that case, here is Exit 10A for
CR 657 West.
GSP North at Exit 10B - CR 657 East - Stone Harbor.
GSP North at Exit 11 - CR 609 West TO U.S. 9 -
Cape May-County Park Zoo.
Taking a right turn at "Exit 11" will put you onto Crest
Haven Rd.
GSP North at Exit 13 - U.S. 9 - Swainton/Avalon.
GSP North at the Ocean View Service Area.
GSP North approaching the Ocean View toll plaza -
1/2 mile.
GSP North at the Ocean View toll plaza. Cars pay 35
cents to continue.
GSP North at Exit 20 - U.S. 9/NJ 50 - Seaville/
GSP North at Exit 25 - CR 623 - Ocean City/Marmora.
GSP North approaching the Egg Harbor toll plaza - 1
GSP North as it crosses Great Egg Harbor. The toll
plaza is just ahead.
GSP North at the Egg Harbor toll plaza. Another 35-
cent toll is paid here.
Just past the toll plaza lies Exit 29 - U.S. 9 North -
Somers Point/Ocean City. But the U.S. 9 shield on the
sign looks a lot like an Interstate 9 shield, except it
doesn't have the same colors.
GSP North at Exit 36 - U.S. 40/U.S. 322 - Northfield/
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