Although it is just 75 miles long overall, Interstate 66 provides an important connection from the western suburbs of Washington, DC, to the nation's capital. Interstate 66 is short in the District of Columbia, and comes to an end uneventfully at U.S. 29 near the Rock Creek Parkway interchange. Most of Interstate 66 east of the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495) has a Metro subway line running through the median.

All pictures taken 3/17/03

Interstate 66 East at Exit 68 - Westmoreland St.
Interstate 66 East at Exit 69 - U.S. 29/VA 237 -
Washington Blvd./Lee Hwy.
Interstate 66 East at Exit 71 - VA 120 - Glebe Rd./VA
237 - Fairfax Dr. The Metro Line is no longer in the
median after this exit.
Interstate 66 East at Exit 72 - U.S. 29 - Lee Hwy./Spout
Run Pkwy.
Interstate 66 East at Exit 73 - Rosslyn Key Bridge.
Interstate 66 East approaching Exit 75 - VA 110 South/
TO Interstate 395/U.S. 1 - 1/4 mile.
Interstate 66 East at Exit 75 - VA 110 South - Pentagon/
Alexandria. The Pentagon is located about a mile south
of this interchange. For those continuing on Interstate 66,
the highway will cross the Potomac River and enter the
District of Columbia about 1/4 mile ahead.

Interstate 66 Virginia (Miles 1-64) from Delaware Trip

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