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Zoinks, Scooby! It's a Mystery Trip!

During the Fall Semester, I get a Fall Break, which lasts from Thursday to Sunday. Last year, I went on the South Texas Roadtrip. This year's roadtrip, though, is a mystery.

Here's how it's going to go:

Around October 1, I will randomly select one of Oklahoma's bordering states (excluding New Mexico and Colorado). I will be choosing among the states of Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Whichever state I choose at that time will be where I will go on this trip. After that, I will have about two weeks to prepare the trip route, but here's the catch: I'm not going to post the trip route here before the trip. I will plan a large trip route, staying inside the selected state as much as possible, and drive as much of the route as I can on that particular day, then find the nearest hotel and continue the route at daybreak the next day, and keep going until sunset the next night. So it will be a dusk 'til dawn kind of trip. The trip will be four days long. It will be an odd trip for me, since I'm used to having a set destination way ahead of time, but it will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

Note: This trip has been postponed indefinitely due to circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully I will get to do a trip of this nature sometime in the future.