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A place to write about Oklahoma's roads, life, and anything else that crosses my mind

Welcome to the Road Rant page! Here I will attempt to choose a road-related topic and then rant about it until I'm finished. It could be about an interstate, a U.S. or state highway, or just a street around Oklahoma City. However, I also use this column to talk about life events and website updates and maybe even a hint or two about a future roadtrip!

If you have a rant about a road in Oklahoma, feel free to send it here and I could use it in this space! (Spam filter in effect, replace # with @)

Now, on to the road rant entries...

Written: 1/23/05 @ 8:44 pm

Tonight's topic: New site design launching January 31

Good evening. I am continuing to work on the new design for OKRoads. I plan to post the new pages I've created up to that point to the site next Monday. There will still be a lot left to do after that, unless I get a lot more done this week than I think I will, but what is there will be there.

Construction has begun on Interstate 40 just west of Interstate 44. The construction is only between MacArthur and Interstate 44. The speed limit is 50 mph throughout the zone, with narrowed lanes. The project will add a much-needed concrete barrier to the median and will add a lane to westbound Interstate 40. Someday I will take the official camera and take pictures of the construction.

I don't have too much else going on right now, so I will leave you. This will be the final Road Rant entry, as after next week, this column will officially be called "The Rant." Not much difference, but it's different nonetheless. See y'all later, and drive safely.

Written: 1/17/05 @ 1:40 pm

Today's topic: Site redesign coming soon

Good afternoon, and happy MLK Jr. day.

I have decided to redesign OKRoads.com into what I hope will be an easier site to navigate. I am working on a new design for the pages. Some of them will be up by the end of the week. There may be some dead links on pages for a while until I get them created, but I hope to get a skeleton of the new site up and running soon.

After one week of the spring semester, I am still making straight A's. Well, OK, I haven't had any assignments due yet. That changes Wednesday. But today I am enjoying a day out of school for the holiday. It's the only day off this semester besides Spring Break, so I'd better enjoy it.

The beginning of construction on Interstate 40 in west Oklahoma City has been pushed back a week. It is now scheduled to begin this Friday.

My main road rant of the day is this: on Meridian Ave., near where I work, there is a bridge construction project going on on the bridge over the North Canadian/Oklahoma River. If going northbound on Meridian, the order of signs for the construction zone goes something like this:

  • Left Lane Closed Ahead

  • Through Traffic Left Lane

  • Right Lane Must Turn Right

  • Through Traffic Left Lane

  • Left Lane Ends

  • Right Lane Must Turn Right

  • S.W. 15th St. stoplight

  • River bridge; Left Lane Ends

Confused? I know I am. Just think of all the people who travel this busy street from the airport who see that, and then have to get over at the last second because it is the left lane that's closed! Now, for a while, it was the right lane that was closed, but now it's the left lane. Yet, only two signs say that. And this is during phase one of a 3-phase project. Yikes.

That's all I have for today. See y'all later, and drive safely.

Written: 1/9/05 @ 8:48 pm

Tonight's topic: Back to school

Good evening. Well, my winter break officially ends tomorrow at 10 am, as that is when I begin the Spring 2005 semester. I have six classes this semester, and am back to going five days a week. I am going to be a very busy man with little time to do much of anything except go to school, work, and church, and eat and sleep.

This coming Friday, Interstate 40 between MacArthur Blvd. and Agnew will become a construction zone. I'm not completely sure what all is going to be done during this project, but I believe it goes something like this:

From MacArthur to Interstate 44, the interstate will be widened from six to eight lanes. Also, a concrete barrier will be erected in the median. This should help prevent the many crossover accidents that have happened here. This will also take care of the terrible pavement in this area. As for the area from Interstate 44 to Agnew, I don't know what's going on there. There is a sign at the Council Rd. exit (Exit 143) that the road work is for the next five miles, which would make the other end of the work zone at mile 148, which is around the Agnew exit. So if you can stay away from that area, then it would probably be wise to do so.

That's really about all I have for tonight. See y'all later, and drive safely.

Written: 1/2/05 @ 9:40 pm

Tonight's topic: The year ahead

Good evening, and happy new year from all of us at OKRoads. Oh, wait, there's just one of us. So I'll rephrase it this way: happy new year from me. There.

Anyway, it's going to be a busy start to the year 2005 for me. I've got a long week ahead at work as I will be getting trained on our new computer system. Then I start the spring semester next Monday. So I won't really have much time to relax for the next few months.

I only have one trip planned for the year, and that is the one I mentioned a few weeks ago. Since it's now in the road rant archives, I'll copy the trip summary from there to here. And I quote, from myself:

The plan is to take Interstate 40 as far east as it goes (in other words, to Wilmington, North Carolina). This would allow me to clinch Interstate 40, which would make it the longest interstate I've clinched. Then I would go south on U.S. 17 from Wilmington to Charleston, South Carolina, where I would take Interstate 26 northwest to its end in Johnson City, Tennessee. I would stay on that freeway and clinch Interstate 181. Then I would head east on U.S. 58 to connect to Interstate 81. I would take Interstate 81 North (actually east) to Interstate 77, and take that north to Charleston, West Virginia. (Two Charleston's in one trip!) Then I would get on Interstate 79 and take that to its northern end in Erie, Pennsylvania (clinching that interstate), with a sidetrip to the Pittsburgh area. From there, I would head east to Interstate 86, and clinch that interstate. It would be there that I would enter the only new state for me on the trip, New York. I would then go north on Interstate 390 to Rochester, then hit the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) west through Buffalo (with a sidetrip there too) to Cleveland. There, I would go on Interstate 71 South to Louisville (which will, again, clinch that interstate). After that, I would go south on Interstate 65 to Mobile, Alabama. Then I would go west on Interstate 10, then north on Interstate 59, then west on Interstate 20, then north on Interstate 35 to home. All in all, it looks like about 5,000 miles of driving fun. I am already getting excited about it, because it would take me through a lot of new cities, including Asheville, Raleigh/Durham, Wilmington, Charleston (SC; already been to WV once before), Pittsburgh, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Montgomery. Have I confused y'all yet? Good.

There you go. Besides that, I don't have too much else to say tonight. So see y'all later, and drive safely.