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Florida Trip
December 11-21, 2003

This trip took me to the Sunshine State at a time of year when it starts to become very popular. During my Winter Break from college, I took this 11-day journey. Beginning Thursday, December 11, I drove on Interstate 44 to Wichita Falls, Texas, and clinched that interstate. From there, I took U.S. 287 to Fort Worth, then took a short jaunt to the west on Interstate 30 to get to Interstate 20. After that, I headed the other direction (east) on Interstate 20, and ended up in Terrell, Texas, on Day One. On Day Two, I drove to Alexandria, Louisiana, with a sidetrip to the Shreveport area to drive all of Interstate 220 and Louisiana 3132. The next day, I drove to Pensacola, Florida. After that, I made hotel stops in Tampa and Palm Bay, Florida. But that was only the first half of the trip. During the second half of the trip, I went to Charlotte and spend a couple nights there. After that, I finally headed towards home, but not before taking a bit of a deviation to drive all of Interstate 24.

Map of Trip Route

Florida Trip Map

Day by day:
Thursday, December 11 - Drove 362 miles from Oklahoma City, OK to Terrell, TX | Pictures

Friday, December 12 - Drove 359 miles from Terrell, TX to Alexandria, LA | Pictures
Saturday, December 13 - Drove 431 miles from Alexandria, LA to Pensacola, FL | Pictures
Sunday, December 14 - Drove 475 miles from Pensacola, FL to Tampa, FL | Pictures
Monday, December 15 - Drove 478 miles from Tampa, FL to Palm Bay, FL | Pictures
Tuesday, December 16 - Drove 510 miles from Palm Bay, FL to Macon, GA | Pictures
Wednesday, December 17 - Drove 345 miles from Macon, GA to Charlotte, NC | Pictures
Thursday, December 18 - Drove 376 miles on a sidetrip to northern North Carolina | Pictures
Friday, December 19 - Drove 484 miles from Charlotte, NC to Murfreesboro, TN | Pictures
Saturday, December 20 - Drove 430 miles from Murfreesboro, TN to West Memphis, AR | Pictures
Sunday, December 21 - Drove 481 miles from West Memphis, AR to Oklahoma City, OK | Pictures

Trip distance - 4,892 miles

Trip pages:

Trip Home

Trip Summaries:

Days 1-5
(OKC to Palm Bay)

Days 6-8
(Palm Bay to Charlotte)

Days 9-11
(Charlotte to OKC)

Day One:
Oklahoma: I-44
Texas: I-44 | U.S. 287 |
I-35W | I-820 | I-30 | I-20

Day Two:
Texas: I-20

Louisiana: I-20 | I-49 |
I-220/LA 3132

Day Three:
Louisiana: I-49 | I-10
Mississippi: I-10
Alabama: I-10

Day Four:
Florida: I-10 | I-75 | I-4

Day Five:
Florida: I-4 | I-75 | FL 826 | FL 836 | I-95

Day Six:
Florida: I-95
Georgia: I-95 | I-16 | I-75

Day Seven:
Georgia: I-475 | I-75 |
South Carolina: I-85
North Carolina: I-85 |
I-485 | I-277 | NC 16

Day Eight:
North Carolina: U.S. 74 | U.S. 1 | U.S. 220 | I-73 |
I-40 | Bus. I-40 | U.S. 52 | I-74 | I-77

Day Nine:
North Carolina: I-85
South Carolina: I-85 | Business Loop I-85 | I-585
I-85 | I-285 | I-75
I-75 | I-24

Day Ten:
Tennessee: I-24
Kentucky: I-24
Illinois: I-24 | I-57
Missouri: I-57 | I-55
Arkansas: I-55

Day Eleven:
Arkansas: I-40
Oklahoma: I-40 | I-240

Miscellaneous Pictures

Page created: February 03, 2005
Last updated: February 03, 2005