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Plains & Panhandles Roadtrip
July 8-11, 2002

This roadtrip took me across the plains of western Kansas, the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas (more plains), and the deserts of New Mexico. The idea for this trip came to mind during the last day of my last major roadtrip before this one, the Spring Break 2002 Roadtrip. The original plan was to drive to Dodge City the first day, then cut through the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and end up in Amarillo the second day, and to drive on home the third day. After several modifications which doubled the original trip distance I ended up with a 1,645-mile long 4-day extravaganza.

Monday (July 8) I drove I-35 to Wichita, KS, where I then drove on I-135 and I-235 to get to U.S. 54/400, which I took out to Dodge City. Tuesday (July 9) I drove west and south on U.S. 56 to I-25, which I drove until I got to my hotel in north Albuquerque. Wednesday (July 10) I drove east from Albuquerque on I-40 until I-27 in Amarillo, TX, then I went south to Lubbock. Thursday (July 11) I drove the west half of Loop 289 in Lubbock then met up with I-27 again to Amarillo, then I went east on I-40 and headed for home.

Note: The trip pictures were taken with a regular film camera with an inexperienced road sign photographer behind the controls. So the pictures from this trip won't be of the normal OKRoads quality. Where applicable, links will be provided to pages with better pictures of the roads.

Map of Trip Route

Plains & Panhandles Roadtrip Map

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Interstate 25 | Interstate 27 | Interstate 40 | Interstate 44 | Bus. Loop I-25

U.S. 54 | U.S. 56 | U.S. 400

Texas Loop 289

Dodge City Pictures

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Last updated: January 29, 2005