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West Texas Roadtrip
April 5-7, 2006

I took advantage of a rare Thursday off work by taking a 3-day roadtrip through the vast emptiness that is west Texas. This trip also took us to New Mexico, where we drove much of Interstate 25 through the Land of Enchantment. The trip began with a trip down Interstate 44 to Lawton, then west on U.S. 62 to El Paso, where I arrived in time for church services Wednesday night. From there, I drove Interstate 10 West to Interstate 25 North to U.S. 84 near Las Vegas, where I then headed southeast on U.S. 84 to Lubbock. The last major part of the trip was to drive all of Interstate 27. We drove all of Interstate 27 in July 2002, but that was before we had the digital camera. This will possibly be the final major roadtrip for a while, as I have just accepted a new job that will start in mid-April.

Map of Trip Route

West Texas Roadtrip Map

Day by Day:
Wednesday, April 5: Drove 708 miles from Oklahoma City, OK to El Paso, TX | Pictures
Thursday, April 6: Drove 696 miles from El Paso, TX to Lubbock, TX via Santa Fe | Pictures

Friday, April 7: Drove 424 miles from Lubbock, TX to Oklahoma City, OK | Pictures

Trip pages:

Trip Home

Trip Summaries

Interstate 35 | Interstate 44 | U.S. 60 | U.S. 62

Interstate 10 | Interstate 27 | U.S. 60 | U.S. 62 | U.S. 84

New Mexico:
Interstate 10 | Interstate 25 | U.S. 62 | U.S. 84

Page created: April 01, 2006
Last updated: April 10, 2006