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Days 1-5
(OKC to Seattle)

Days 6-7

Days 8-12
(Seattle to OKC)

Day One:
Oklahoma: I-35
Kansas: I-35 | I-135 | I-70

Day Two:
Kansas: I-70
Colorado: I-70 | I-270 |
Wyoming: I-25

Day Three:
Wyoming: I-25 | I-90
Montana: I-90

Day Four:
Montana: I-90
Idaho: I-90

Day Five:
Idaho: I-90
Washington: I-90

Day Six & Day Seven:
Route TBD

Day Eight:
Washington: I-5
Oregon: I-5 | I-84

Day Nine:
Oregon: I-84
Idaho: I-84 | I-86

Day Ten:
Idaho: I-86 | I-84
Utah: I-84 | I-15 | I-215 |
Wyoming: I-80

Day Eleven:
Wyoming: I-80
Nebraska: I-80

Day Twelve:
Nebraska: I-80 | U.S. 81
Kansas: U.S. 81 | I-135 |
I-235 | I-35
Oklahoma: I-35

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During the over 20 1/2 years of my life thus far, I have been many places. I have been from coast-to-coast, and have seen a lot of other places on other trips. But one area that is uncharted territory for me is the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Rockies, and during the Seattle Trip, I plan on seeing this part of the country that I have never even been close to before. (The farthest northwest I have ever been is Denver!)

The trip will be 12 days long, with five days each for the trip to and from Seattle, and two days of time in Seattle. While I am there, I hope to see a Mariners baseball game. I also plan to see the Space Needle, and maybe even ride the ferry across Puget Sound. I also plan on visiting a church up there, (since I will be there on a Sunday) and may make a trip to see the northern end of Interstate 5 if time permits.

This trip will probably end up being about 5,000 miles in length. I will be in just ten states, but five of those will be for the first time (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon), and one of them will be for the second time (Utah). I plan on leaving August 2 and returning August 13.

Note: This trip has been postponed indefinitely due to circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully I will get to do a trip of this nature sometime in the future.

The trip route:

Monday, August 2 - Interstate 35 North --> Interstate 135 North --> Interstate 70 West --> Hays, KS Motel 6

Tuesday, August 3 - Interstate 70 West --> Interstate 270 West --> Interstate 25 North --> Wheatland, WY Motel 6

Wednesday, August 4 - Interstate 25 North --> Interstate 90 West --> Bozeman, MT Motel 6

Thursday, August 5 - Interstate 90 West --> Coeur D'Alene, ID Motel 6

Friday, August 6 - Interstate 90 West --> Seattle, WA Motel 6

Saturday, August 7 - Seattle-area sidetrip

Sunday, August 8 - Go to church somewhere

Monday, August 9 - Interstate 5 South --> Interstate 84 East --> Pendleton, OR Motel 6

Tuesday, August 10 - Interstate 84 East --> Interstate 86 East --> Pocatello, ID Motel 6

Wednesday, August 11 - Interstate 86 West --> Interstate 84 East --> Interstate 15 South --> Interstate 215 North --> Interstate 15 North --> Interstate 84 East --> Interstate 80 East --> Rock Springs, WY Motel 6 (This route is weird so I can clinch the western Interstate 86, the western Interstate 84, and Interstate 215 in Utah; and will also give me the opportunity to see Salt Lake City)

Thursday, August 12 - Interstate 80 East --> Cozad, NE Motel 6

Friday, August 13 - Interstate 80 East --> U.S. 81 South --> Interstate 135 South --> Interstate 235 South --> Interstate 135 South --> Interstate 35 South (This route is the way it is so I can clinch Interstate 235 in Kansas, which would also clinch all of Kansas' interstate mileage)