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Day One:
Oklahoma: I-35
Texas: I-35 | I-35W

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Texas: I-35W | I-30 | I-20 | I-10

Day Three:
Texas: I-10
New Mexico: I-10
Arizona: I-10

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Arizona: I-19

Day Five:
Arizona: I-10 | I-17

Day Six:
Arizona: I-10 | I-17 |
AZ 51 | Loop 101 |
Loop 202 | U.S. 60

Day Seven:
Arizona: AZ 51 | AZ 143 |
AZ 153 | Loop 202 |
Loop 303

Day Eight:
Arizona: I-17 | I-40
New Mexico: I-40

Day Nine:
New Mexico: I-40
Texas: I-40
Oklahoma: I-40 | I-44

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Arizona Loop 303

Loop 303 is the newest loop highway in the Phoenix area. Currently, the highway connects Interstate 10 at its Exit 124 to U.S. 60 northwest of Surprise. The highway is two lanes wide at the present time, with enough room to expand when it becomes necessary. (With the growth in this part of the country, it's not really a question of if it'll be necessary, it's when it will be necessary!) On Day Seven of the Spring Training 2004 Roadtrip, I drove all of Loop 303.

Loop 303
Pictures taken March 18, 2004

Loop 303 North assurance shield just
north of Interstate 10.
Loop 303 was rerouted onto
Sarival Ave. on this particular day
due to construction. This picture is
on Glendale Ave. Eastbound at
Sarival Ave.
Here are the street signs from the
intersection to help me remember
how the highway was detoured.
Northbound Sarival Ave. near
Northern Ave.
Northbound Sarival Ave. at
McDowell Ave. The detour route
goes back to the west to meet up
with Loop 303.
McDowell Ave. Westbound at Loop
303. This marked the end of the
Between Bell Rd. and U.S. 60,
Loop 303 was built with overpasses
already in place, like this one.
Loop 303 North approaching U.S.
60. The highway is rerouted onto
a service road of sorts while the
construction on an extension of
Loop 303 wraps up.
Loop 303 North at U.S. 60. This
marks the current northern terminus
of Loop 303. There is no "END"
sign present.