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Miscellaneous Pictures

This page has all pictures taken during the South Texas Roadtrip that do not fall into any of the other pages. Pictures included here are those of the two hotels I stayed at and U.S. 83 just south of the southern end of Interstate 35.

Day One
Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Motel 6 of San Antonio, Texas, where I
stayed at the first two nights of this trip.

Day Two
Friday, October 17, 2003

U.S. 83 South approaching Bus. Loop I-35 in
U.S. 83 South as it prepares to head to
the east in Laredo. This intersection also
marks the beginning of TX 359.
View of some of Corpus Christi just
east of the southern end of Interstate 37.
Corpus Christi Bay is just ahead.
The Corpus Christi Convention Center,
with the U.S. 181 Nueces Bay bridge
barely visible in the background, and
Corpus Christi Bay just to the right.
View of Corpus Christi Bay from about the
same spot as the previous picture.

Day Three
Saturday, October 18, 2003

Eric Stuve, the webmaster of OKRoads, with
the Gulf of Mexico behind him in Galveston,
From the same spot, the Gulf of Mexico.
TX Spur 342 North assurance shield just
north of the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston.
TX Spur 342 North at TX 87 North. TX 87
picks up where Interstate 45 ends just
TX Spur 342 North at TX 87 North. This
turn leads to the frontage road.
TX Spur 342 North at Interstate 45 North.
(I cut off the Interstate 45 shield; it is just
off to the right)
The Motel 6 of Huntsville, Texas.

Day Four
Sunday, October 19, 2003

U.S. 190/TX 30 West at Interstate 45 North/
U.S. 190 West.
OK 19 East at Interstate 35 South in
Pauls Valley.
OK 19 West at Interstate 35 South.
OK 19 East at Interstate 35 North.
This billboard for Hideaway Pizza has a
few misplaced letters in it, but I guess
that's the way they wanted it. The billboard
was located just south of Norman on
Interstate 35.