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U.S. 281

U.S. 281 goes from Brownsville, TX to Dunseith, ND, as it goes from Mexico to Canada in the midsection of the country. On Day Three of the South Texas Roadtrip, I drove U.S. 281 from Interstate 35 to the San Antonio International Airport, where I dropped off a family member who had come along for the first couple days of the trip.

Interstate 35 to San Antonio International Airport
Pictures taken October 18, 2003

During the ramp from Interstate 35 North to U.S.
281 North, there is a ramp to Loop 368 -
U.S. 281 North at St. Mary's St./Stadium Dr.
U.S. 281 North at Hildebrand Ave.
U.S. 281 North at Basse Rd. East.
U.S. 281 North at Basse Rd. West.
U.S. 281 North at Jones-Maltsberger Rd.
U.S. 281 North approaching Interstate 410 -
Next Right. There is no direct freeway-to-
freeway connection between U.S. 281 and
Interstate 410 at this time, but one is under
U.S. 281 North at Interstate 410 - Airport Blvd.
U.S. 281 North at San Antonio International