1994 1/2 Nissan Sentra Limited Edition

My first car (and the original official car of was a maroon 1994 1/2 Nissan Sentra Limited Edition. It was purchased in 1998 by my brother. He immediately made several modifications to the car, including enhancements in the stereo and the exhaust; even the dome light was not left untouched. He wanted it to be a boom machine; in other words, he wanted to get deaf by the age of 25 by playing the stereo really loud and having big speakers in the trunk. Well, he became a carpenter, and so he needed a truck. He purchased a truck just a month before my 16th birthday, so guess who got the car? Me! It had about 60,000 miles on it at the time. (Actually, I remember cracking 60,000 miles on it during a driving lesson with my mother.) I could legally drive the car by myself a month later, and lasted until an F4 tornado that went through Moore on May 8 did enough damage to total the car, with about 99,700 miles on it.

Since the car became mine, I made steps towards making it a normal car again as things have fallen apart. When the loud muffler became even louder after rusting out, I got a regular muffler. When the custom antenna it had didn't want to stay on any more, I replaced it with a regular antenna. Finally, there are no, I repeat, NO big speakers in the trunk! The trunk must have space to hold all my suitcases on long roadtrips. But it still has the alarm (of course!), it still has the Weapon R and NOPI stickers on the sides, and it still had the custom wheels until we had to get rid of it after the tornado.

(Before the tornado)

All these pictures were taken March 12, 2003.

The front of the car, and the view that drivers may fear
seeing in their rear-view mirror. The tag on the front
is a Westmoore Jaguars tag from my high school
that I graduated from two years ago. One of these
days, I had hoped that an tag would
be there. It would have been very cool.
The driver's side of the Nissan. Look at those wheels
shine! That was another modification that my brother
made, and that I have actually kept since the car
became mine. This side was damaged in the May 8
The rear of the car, which is what many Oklahoma
drivers saw after I zoomed by them, since they want to
go 25 in a 40 in the left lane.
The passenger side of the car. Not too much else
to say about that.
The almighty dashboard of the car. At this time, I
had just over 94,000 miles on this car. It was also at
12:04 in the afternoon.
The automatic transmission shifter. I have no
experience whatsoever driving a standard, and quite
frankly, I like my automatic transmission.
The center console is seen here. The left switch is
not for my nitro boost, but is for the halogen lights on
the bottom front of the car which haven't worked for
over a year.

After-tornado pictures

All these pictures were taken May 8, 2003, right after driving the car home.

The driver's side of the car, post-tornado. The window
tint was the only thing holding the shattered glass in.
However, it all fell out while driving in Norman three days
later on the way back from the insurance claim office.
A sad sad end to such a good car.
A look at the front of the car. Looks perfectly fine.
A close-up shot of the damage to the driver's side
A view of the rear of the car. That is correct - there was
no back windshield at all after the tornado hit. There
was also a lot of dirt.
A view of the passenger's side. Just a lot of dust and
dirt, but otherwise, not too much different. But 1994
1/2 Nissan Sentras just are not worth much money,
so the damage was enough to total it. :(

Now, see the new official car of!
2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Home

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