U.S. 50

U.S. 50 runs from Sacramento, CA, all the way to Ocean City, MD. It also makes a stop in the District of Columbia, passing adjacent to several landmarks and museums.


U.S. 50 East at Interstate 395 South. Yes, this is the
northern terminus of Interstate 395.
U.S. 50 East at Okie St. in Washington, DC. Just had
to get a picture of this sign to remind me that I am an
Okie, even though I was far away from there on this day!
U.S. 50 East at TO U.S. 1 - Bladensburg. The freeway
will begin after just a couple more stoplights. Thank
U.S. 50 West at Ft. Lincoln Dr./South Dakota Ave. exit.
This is the final exit on westbound before the freeway
ends, and the constant stop and go driving of the
nation's capital begins!

Continue on U.S. 50 in Maryland

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