U.S. 113

Highway Review:
U.S. 113 is basically an eastern branch of U.S. 13 between Pocomoke City, MD, and Dover, DE. Throughout the highway's 38 miles in Maryland, U.S. 113 travels through Snow Hill and Berlin.

Highway Information:
Distance: 37.7 miles
Counties traveled through: Worcester
Highway intersections: U.S. 13 (Mile 0.0), MD 394 (Mile 9.5), MD 12 (Mile 11.8), MD 365 (Mile 13.0), MD 394 (Mile 14.2), MD 818 (Mile 27.1), MD 376 (Mile 28.0), MD 346 (Mile 28.8), U.S. 50 (Mile 29.4), MD 818 (Mile 29.8), MD 452 (Mile 31.2), MD 90 (Mile 32.1), MD 589 (Mile 33.2), MD 367 (Mile 36.0), MD 610 (Mile 36.9)
Highway duplexes: None


U.S. 113 North assurance shield just north of U.S. 50. The
next major intersection is at MD 90 in less than three miles.
(Photo taken 3/17/03)
U.S. 113 North at MD 575. MD 575 must be a new
highway, because it is not on any maps I have of the area!
(Photo taken 3/17/03)
U.S. 113 North at MD 90 East - Ocean City. (Photo taken
U.S. 113 North at MD 90 West. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
U.S. 113 North at Worcester Hwy. - TO MD 589 - Ocean
Pines exit. Currently, the 4-lane alignment ends here, but
construction is taking place presently to widen the rest of
the highway between here and Delaware to 4 lanes. (Photo
taken 3/17/03)
U.S. 113 North at MD 610 West. The Delaware State Line
is less than one mile away. (Photo taken 3/17/03)

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