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Missouri 58

Missouri 58 is 50 miles long. It connects Belton, Raymore, Pleasant Hill, Strasburg, and Kingsville. Its western terminus is located at State Supplemental Route D just east of the Kansas state line. The eastern end of Missouri 58 is at U.S. 50 near Centerview.


Missouri 58 West assurance shield just west of U.S. 71 in Belton. State Supplemental Route Y is one mile ahead. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 58 West approaching State Supplemental Route Y in Belton. The right lane turns onto Route Y, as I found out the hard way. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 58 West at State Supplemental Route Y. Route Y snakes its way southwest to Cleveland (Missouri, not Ohio), and ends at the Kansas state line, where it becomes 247th Street. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 58 West approaching a turn the highway makes near Belton's business district. This appears to be a relatively recent revision, as my map shows Missouri 58 continuing straight west instead of making a slight jog to the north like it does here. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 58 West at its turn in Belton. Another sign that this may have been done recently is that all the signs and signals around the intersection appeared to be new. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 58 West approaching an under construction roundabout west of Belton. This roundabout facilitates movements between Missouri 58 and Prospect Avenue. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 58 West at the Prospect Avenue roundabout. The state highway will end just over the hill ahead. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
The highway widens to four lanes just in time for its western terminus. State Supplemental Route D connects western Cass County to Kansas City. The route becomes Holmes Road when it enters Kansas City. Route D itself ends at Missouri 150. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Missouri 2 West approaching State Supplemental Route D. The Conoco gas station had unleaded for $1.88/gallon on this May 2005 morning. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
Cleveland, Missouri, is ten miles to the south via Route D and a short jog on State Supplemental Route Y west. Kansas City is just minutes north of this intersection. (Photo taken 5/22/05)
View at the western terminus of Missouri 58 at Route D. There is no end sign at this terminus, although there is an empty post here that could have once held an end assembly. The road continues ahead as 172nd Street, a short residential street skirting the southern edge of a small lake. (Photo taken 5/22/05)

Page created: August 20, 2005
Last updated: August 20, 2005