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North Carolina 96

North Carolina 96 is 107 miles long from North Carolina 55 west of Newton Grove to the Virginia state line near the town of Virgilina. It stays to the east of the Raleigh-Durham area.


North Carolina 96 Northbound
North Carolina 96 North assurance shield just north of North Carolina 50. Interstate 40 is one mile ahead. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
North Carolina 96 North approaching Interstate 40. Interstate 40 West will intersect Interstate 95 in six miles. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
North Carolina 96 North at Interstate 40 East. The transcontinental interstate ends 86 miles to the south in Wilmington. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
North Carolina 96 Southbound
North Carolina 96 South approaching North Carolina 50. North Carolina 50 will enter the town of Newton Grove eight miles to the southeast of the upcoming intersection, which is also known as Peacocks Crossroads. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
A TO Interstate 95 trailblazer is present near the intersection. The "Main Street of the East Coast" is six miles to the northwest of Peacocks Crossroads. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
North Carolina 96 South at North Carolina 50. The state highway will travel through downtown Raleigh in 38 miles. (Photo taken 7/6/05)

Page created: November 21, 2005
Last updated: November 21, 2005