Interstate 676 runs directly through downtown Philadelphia, crosses the Walt Whitman Bridge into New Jersey, goes through a stoplight (yes, a stoplight!), turns to the south, and ends at Interstate 76 in Camden.

All pictures taken 3/19/03

Interstate 676 West approaching Interstate 76 - 1 3/4
miles. This is the widest we will see this highway for a
little bit, as it is about to descend into downtown.
Just half a mile after the previous picture, we find
ourselves in a narrow trench of an interstate! Notice
that the "PA 611" is spelled out instead of using a
shield. Interstate 76 is now 1 1/4 miles away.
Interstate 676 West approaching PA 611 - 1/4 mile,
Ben Franklin Parkway - 3/4 mile, and Interstate 76 -
one mile.
Interstate 676 West at PA 611 - Broad Street/Central
Philadelphia exit. Notice once again how narrow this
interstate is!
Interstate 676 West approaching Ben Franklin
Parkway - 1/2 mile, and Interstate 76 - 3/4 mile.
Interstate 676 West at Ben Franklin Parkway exit. Now
the highway can breathe a little easier...
But not for long, however! Traffic backs up here for
the off-ramps to Interstate 76. Of course, I want to go
east on Interstate 76, so i had to squeeze my way into
the right lane!
Interstate 676 West at Interstate 76 East - Internat'l
Airport. The off-ramp follows Interstate 76 West
briefly, then does a hairpin turn, goes underneath the
interstate, and eventually merges with Interstate 76
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