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South Carolina 703

South Carolina 703 connects U.S. 17 just east of the Cooper River in Mount Pleasant to Isle of Palms.


South Carolina 703 South
South Carolina 703 South assurance shield just west of Business Spur Interstate 526. South Carolina 703 is 11 miles long through Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, and the Isle of Palms. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
South Carolina 703 South at the 1st Baptist Church and school turnoff. It's a bit unusual to see a church given a spot on a state-made sign. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
Oops! is the name of a shop in Mount Pleasant. The retail outlet sells beachwear, sunglasses, and hats, among other ocean-related items. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
South Carolina 703 South as it prepares to cross Shem Creek. The creek spawns from the nearby Cooper River. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge that carries U.S. 17 over the Cooper River begins to come into view after crossing Shem Creek. South Carolina 703 terminates at the eastern end of the bridge. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
There is no direct connection between South Carolina 703 and U.S. 17 North. Use McGrath Darby Boulevard north to make the connection. For some reason, it is signed as a detour, even though it was the route to use prior to the construction of the Ravenel Bridge. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
Just around this curve is McGrath Darby Boulevard. The U.S. 17 shields used for the detour signage look a bit unusual. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
South Carolina 703 South at McGrath Darby Boulevard. Continuing straight will default motorists onto U.S. 17 South. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
At the time these photos were taken, the Ravenel Bridge was eight days from opening, so motorists were still utilizing the old bridges over the Cooper River. At this point, travelers now head to the right to prepare to merge onto U.S. 17 South. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
As we continue to draw closer to U.S. 17, we can see the new ramp from U.S. 17 North to South Carolina 703 on the left. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
South Carolina 703 southbound draws to a close as it passes underneath U.S. 17. This old pull-through panel is for U.S. 17 South. After crossing the Cooper River, motorists will enter South Carolina's 2nd largest city, Charleston. The new bridge is on the far left. (Photo taken 7/7/05)

Page created: November 27, 2005
Last updated: November 28, 2005