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U.S. 17 South Carolina

In the northeastern part of the state, U.S. 17 is a major north-south highway near the Atlantic Ocean that connects Myrtle Beach to Charleston. Once it reaches Charleston, the highway heads further inland, has an 11-mile duplex with Interstate 95, then exits the state near Savannah, Georgia.


U.S. 17 South
U.S. 17 South as the highway enters the state of South Carolina and Horry County. The major attraction of Horry County is Myrtle Beach, which U.S. 17 motorists will pass through in 17 miles. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
Welcome to South Carolina sign on U.S. 17 South. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
A welcome center is available for those coming from North Carolina into the Myrtle Beach area. There is also a rest area at the welcome center, one-half mile ahead. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
The welcome center is open from 9 am until 5:30 pm. Travel services, including free hotel reservations, are available at the center. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at South Carolina 179. The route is less than one mile long in South Carolina, as it will become North Carolina 179 at the state line. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at the rest area and welcome center. This picture was taken at about 6 pm, so the welcome center was already closed for the day. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching South Carolina 90. The state highway begins here, passes underneath U.S. 17 near the South Carolina 9 interchange, and heads west through Wampee and Nixonville to Business U.S. 501 in Conway. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at South Carolina 90. U.S. 17 will spawn off South Carolina 9 in less than one mile. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching South Carolina 9 - 1/2 mile. South Carolina 9 is a long north-south state highway from the North Carolina state line near Spartanburg to U.S. 17 near North Myrtle Beach. South Carolina 31 is mentioned here due to its proximity to U.S. 17. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
The city of Loris (pop. 2,204) is mentioned on a separate guide sign. A 23 mile drive separates U.S. 17 from Loris. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at South Carolina 9 North/TO South Carolina 31 - Myrtle Beach/Georgetown. Both cities are actually on U.S. 17, but South Carolina 31, a freeway bypass west of Myrtle Beach, is the faster route to those two cities. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
Gore point signage at the split of South Carolina 9 from U.S. 17. U.S. 17 enters North Myrtle Beach after crossing Long Bay in less than a mile. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at South Carolina 707. The state highway will enter Murrells Inlet in one mile. For those continuing on U.S. 17, motorists will leave Horry County and enter Georgetown County just past this traffic light. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South assurance shield in northeast Georgetown County. After leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the Grand Strand, the speed limit increases to 60 miles per hour on the four-lane divided highway to Georgetown, Mount Pleasant, and Charleston. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South as the highway prepares to cross the Waccamaw River and the Intracoastal Waterway on the L.W. Stau Bridges. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
View of the city of Georgetown as we descend from the height of the Stau Bridges. Almost 9,000 citizens call Georgetown home. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South makes a turn to the left at the southern terminus of U.S. 701. This picture shows the first advance signage for the U.S. 17 turnoff. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching U.S. 701. Alternate U.S. 17 also begins here, and provides a route through Jamestown, Moncks Corner, Lincolnville, and Walterboro, before merging back with U.S.  17 near the community of Pocotaligo in northeast Jasper County. These signs show U.S. 17 and U.S. 701 continuing south to Charleston, but U.S. 701 has since had its southern terminus truncated to Georgetown. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at U.S. 701 North and Alternate U.S. 17 South. The eastern terminus of U.S. 521 is just one block to the south; use Alternate U.S. 17 South to make the connection. Alternate U.S. 17 and U.S. 521 share a 9.5 mile duplex. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South departs the city of Georgtown on the Sylvan L. Rosen Bridge over the Wampit River. For the next several miles, U.S. 17 is very rural, with no major slowdowns until reaching Mount Pleasant, which is still 49 miles away. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at South Carolina 45 North. U.S. 17 travels through the Francis Marion National Forest for most of its route between Georgetown and Mount Pleasant. This is the only intersection with another highway that U.S. 17 sees between Mount Pleasant and Georgetown. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
As the sun is just minutes away from setting, we arrive in Mount Pleasant. The eastern terminus of Interstate 526 is just minutes away. Use Interstate 526 to the Port of Charleston and all terminals. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
After seeing the last picture, we switched on the flash for the final pictures of the day. Interstate 526 is now one mile away. The interstate provides a bypass of sorts for through U.S. 17 traffic to travel around Charleston. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at Interstate 526 West - North Charleston/Savannah. The Charleston International Airport is located in North Charleston, 14 miles to the west. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
U.S. 17 South at Business Spur Interstate 526/Chuck Dawley Boulevard. The spur continues the route of Interstate 526 westward to South Carolina 703, a distance of two miles. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
Gore point signage at Business Spur Interstate 526 East. The spur actually travels west from here, but uses the same directions as Interstate 526. (Photo taken 7/6/05)
After a short night's rest, we resume our journey on U.S. 17 South as we approach the Cooper River. Just eight days after we took these pictures, the bridge that we drove on was closed, as the new Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge opened to traffic. Straight ahead is the beginning of the new bridge. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
Two views as we approach the Grace Memorial Bridge, which was the southbound span for eight more days. (Photos taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South assurance shield after traffic from South Carolina 703 merges onto the highway. There is no direct connection between U.S. 17 and South Carolina 703, which goes to Sullivan's Island and the Isle of Palms. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
Continuing southbound on U.S. 17, we are actually traveling west as we cross the Grace Memorial Bridge. Opened in August 1929, the bridge was demolished after the completion of the Ravenel Bridge. The newer bridge outtowered the old ones by a landslide, as we can see here. (Photos taken 7/7/05)

Two different views, taken about one hour apart, of the same perspective of the Grace Memorial Bridge going underneath the Ravenel Bridge. It appeared that minimal work was needed to complete the bridge in the eight days between the time we were here and the time it opened to traffic. (Photos taken 7/7/05)
One last view of the U.S. 17 twin bridges as they are now to the south of the new bridge. Downtown Charleston is just ahead. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching East Bay Street and Meeting Street. A right turn immediately after the end of the bridge connects motorists to East Bay Street. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching the turnoff to Downtown Charleston - 3/4 mile. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South at East Bay Street as we enter the city of Charleston. With a population of 104,883, it is the 2nd largest city in the state, behind the capital city of Columbia. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South at Meeting Street. Meeting Street was being used as a detour to Interstate 26 West, since the ramp to the interstate was closed due to the construction associated with the Ravenel Bridge. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
This sign bridge is present at the Meeting Street gore point as Interstate 26 is one-quarter mile ahead. U.S. 17 is now rerouted just to the north and shares a bit of pavement with Interstate 26 before the interstate terminates at an interchange just ahead. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South at the former ramp to Interstate 26 West. Interstate 26 begins here and heads northwest through Columbia, Spartanburg, and Asheville, North Carolina, before heading due north through Johnson City and Kingsport, Tennessee. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching King Street and downtown Charleston - Next Left. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South at King Street. Just to the right is the eastern terminus of U.S. 78. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
After a short trip north of downtown Charleston, U.S. 17 crosses the Ashley River on a drawbridge. Traffic from Spring Street merges on from the right. Three lanes carry U.S. 17 across the river. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South as it goes over the Ashley River. The future western terminus of Interstate 526 (and current eastern terminus of South Carolina 30) is less than one mile to the south (left) of this bridge. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
Immediately after crossing the Ashley River, U.S. 17 South spawns off South Carolina 61. The state highway, also known as Ashley River Road, begins at South Carolina 30, travels along the Ashley River National Scenic Byway for 11 miles, then heads west to U.S. 78 west of Branchville. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South at South Carolina 700 West. South Carolina 700 travels south to South Carolina 171, which motorists should take to the city of Folly Beach. After intersecting South Carolina 171, South Carolina 700 turns westward, and never meets another highway as it ends 20 miles west of South Carolina 171 in the town of Rockville. (Photo taken 7//705)
U.S. 17 South is known as the Savannah Highway west of downtown Charleston. Along the way, we pass by Rick Hendrick Chevrolet. Hendrick is a well-known NASCAR owner, whose drivers include Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South approaching Interstate 526 East. Interstate 526 is planned to be extended to the southeast to join the current South Carolina 30 freeway into downtown Charleston. Once completed, the interstate will be 3/4 of a loop around Charleston. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
The city of North Charleston has a population of 70,218, and is only four miles to the north on the other side of the Ashley River. (Photo taken 7/7/05)
U.S. 17 South at Interstate 526 East - North Charleston. U.S. 17 will meet the southern terminus of South Carolina 7 immediately after this ramp to the interstate. (Photo taken 7/7/05)

Page created: November 23, 2005
Last updated: January 13, 2006