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Interstate 79

Interstate 79 is a north-south interstate through West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. The interstate bypasses downtown Pittsburgh to the west. Interstate 279 provides the connection to downtown Pittsburgh from Interstate 79. Interstate 79 connects the smaller cities of Weston, Clarksburg, Fairmont, and Morgantown in West Virginia, and Washington, Meadville, and Erie in Pennsylvania. Interstate 79 transitions into Bayfront Parkway at its northern terminus in Erie. In 2005, Bayfront Parkway was fully completed, providing a continuous connection between the northern terminus of Interstate 79 and Interstate 90's Exit 32.

Highway Information

States Traveled Through
(Mileage in state)
West Virginia (160.52)
Pennsylvania (182.72)
Total Mileage 343.24
Cities West Virginia:
Charleston, Weston,
Clarksburg, Fairmont,

Washington, Pittsburgh,
Meadville, Erie

Source 10/31/02 Interstate
Route Log & Finder List
OKRoads Coverage
Miles Driven
by OKRoads
343 (100%)
Southern End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 77
Northern End of
Interstate Driven
Pennsylvania 5

Selected Pictures
For more pictures of Interstate 79 from a particular state, click on the state below.

West Virginia

Interstate 79 North at Exit 57 - U.S. 19 South - Beckley. This is the northern end of Appalachian Corridor "L", which provides a four-lane shortcut between Interstates 64 and 77 in Beckley and Interstate 79 at Exit 57. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 99 - U.S. 33/U.S. 119 - Weston/Buckhannon. This is the western terminus of Appalachian Corridor "H", which will eventually become U.S. 48. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 119 - U.S. 50 - Clarksburg/Bridgeport. Appalachian Corridor "D" finds its eastern terminus here; the corridor travels westward to Interstate 275 near Cincinnati. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 148 - Interstate 68 East - Cumberland. Interstate 68 is the National Freeway, a 113-mile east-west interstate between Interstate 79 and Interstate 70 near Hancock, Maryland. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 34 - Interstate 70 East - New Stanton. Interstate 79 will merge onto Interstate 70 West ahead, but must first endure a very tight 180-degree ramp ahead. This is all at the bottom of a steep downhill grade. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 59A - Interstate 279 North - Pittsburgh. Interstate 79 was in the midst of a massive reconstruction during the summer of 2005. Interstate 279 provides the connection between Interstate 79 and downtown Pittsburgh. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 77 - Interstate 76/Pennsylvania Turnpike - Youngstown/Harrisburg. The Cranberry Connector was completed during 2004 and provides a direct connection between the turnpike and Interstate 79. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 116A - Interstate 80 East - Clarion. A 45 mile drive separates Interstate 79 from Clarion. (Photo taken 7/8/05)
Interstate 79 North at Exit 178A - Interstate 90 East - Buffalo. The New York city at the eastern end of Lake Erie is 100 miles to the northeast. Interstate 79 ends six miles ahead in Erie. (Photo taken 7/8/05)

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Page created: December 23, 2005
Last updated: December 23, 2005