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Interstate 84

Interstate 84 is divided into two parts. The western Interstate 84 begins at Interstate 5 in Portland, Oregon, and goes east through Hood River, The Dalles, Pendleton, and Ontario before entering Idaho, where it serves Caldwell, Boise, and Twin Falls. Finally, the western Interstate 84 enters Utah, where it lasts just 119 miles and goes through Brigham City and Ogden before terminating at Interstate 80 at Echo Junction. The western Interstate 84 was originally Interstate 80N.

The eastern Interstate 84 is not nearly as long (232 miles compared to 770 for the western Interstate 84), but serves more populated areas, including Scranton, Newburgh, Danbury, and Hartford. It travels through mountainous terrain throughout its route. Between current Interstate 384 in Hartford and Interstate 90 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Interstate 84 was originally Interstate 86. This was because Interstate 84 was planned to continue east along the U.S. 6 corridor to Providence, Rhode Island. When those plans fell through, Interstate 84 was then signed along the former Interstate 86.

Highway Information

States Traveled Through
(Mileage in state)
Oregon (375.17)
Idaho (275.74)
Utah (118.71)

Pennsylvania (54.55)
New York (71.79)
Connecticut (97.9)
Massachusetts (8.15)

Total Mileage 1002.01
Cities Oregon:
Portland, Hood River,
The Dalles, Pendleton,
La Grande, Baker,

Caldwell, Napa,
Boise, Mountain Home,
Jerome, Twin Falls,

Brigham City, Ogden


New York:
Port Jervis, Middletown,
Newburgh, Beacon

Danbury, Waterbury,
Bristol, New Britain,
Hartford, Manchester,


Source 10/31/02 Interstate
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Selected Pictures
For more pictures of Interstate 84 from a particular state, click on the state below.

Interstate 84 and U.S. 6 East and Interstate 380 South at U.S. 6 East. This is within the interchange with Interstate 81 at the western terminus of Interstate 84 and the northern terminus of Interstate 380. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East and Interstate 380 South approaching Exit 4 - Interstate 380 South - Mt. Pocono - 1/4 mile. A new left lane forms here for the continuation of Interstate 84 East towards Milford. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
New York
Interstate 84 East at Exit 3E - U.S. 6 and New York 17M East - Goshen. This is the first of two cloverleaf interchanges to serve Middletown. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 4E - New York 17 East - New York City. The Big Apple is 73 miles to the southeast, using Manhattan near the World Trade Center site as the measuring point. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 7S - New York 300 South and Interstate 87. Motorists must use the state highway to make the connection to the New York State Thruway, which Interstate 84 crossed over just behind this picture. This particular sign has a nearly completely faded Interstate 87 shield. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 16S - Taconic State Parkway South - New York City. The Taconic State Parkway provides a scenic north-south alternative to the Thruway between New York City and Albany. Only passenger vehicles are allowed to use the parkway. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 20S - Interstate 684 South - White Plains. Interstate 684 provides a main connection from traffic coming from Connecticut and points east to New York City. From this interchange, it is a 60 mile drive to Manhattan. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 3 - U.S. 7 South - Norwalk. A 21 mile drive awaits those going to Norwalk. U.S. 7 will duplex with Interstate 84 until Exit 7. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 19 - Connecticut 8 South - Bridgeport. Interstate 84 has a short double-decker section ahead. Eastbound lanes are on top on this section through Waterbury. Connecticut 8 is a major north-south freeway through western Connecticut. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 27 - Interstate 691 East - Meriden. Interstate 691 provides a connection between Interstate 84 and Interstate 91 to the south of Hartford. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 84 East at Exit 50 - Main Street. Ahead, Interstate 84 goes through a short tunnel in downtown Hartford during which the Exit 51 ramp to Interstate 91 North departs. (Photo taken 7/9/05)

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