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Interstate 91

Interstate 91 travels through the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. It is the main north-south interstate through western Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and eastern Vermont, connecting New Haven, Hartford, Springfield, and St. Johnsbury along the way. The interstate spends more than half of its route in Vermont, with 177 miles in the state compared to 58 in Connecticut and 55 in Massachusetts. Interstate 91 and U.S. 5 closely parallel each other throughout their entire routing between New Haven and the Canadian border, and several interchanges of Interstate 91 are for U.S. 5.

Highway Information

States Traveled Through
(Mileage in state)

Connecticut (58.00)
Massachusetts (54.99)
Vermont (177.38)

Total Mileage 290.37
Cities Connecticut:
New Haven, Meriden,

Springfield, Holyoke,
Northampton, Greenfield

Brattleboro, St. Johnsbury,

Source 10/31/02 Interstate
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Miles Driven
by OKRoads
146 (50%)
Southern End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 84
Northern End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 89

Selected Pictures
For more pictures of Interstate 91 from a particular state, click on the state below.

Interstate 91 North at Exits 35A-B - Interstate 291 East - Manchester, and Connecticut 218 - Windsor/Bloomfield. This marks the western terminus of Interstate 291, which connects Interstate 91 to Interstate 84 in Manchester. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 40 - Connecticut 20 - Bradley International Airport. The state highway provides the main route to Hartford's international airport. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 47E - Connecticut 190 East - Hazardville/Somers. The cloverleaf interchange is three miles south of the Massachusetts state line. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 12 - Interstate 391 North - Holyoke Center. Interstate 91 makes a nearly 90-degree westward curve here as Interstate 391 continues due north toward Holyoke. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 14 - Interstate 90/Mass Pike - Boston/Albany. The ramp also provides a connection to U.S. 5, which parallels Interstate 91 throughout their entire route. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 17A - Massachusetts 141 East - Holyoke. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North and Massachusetts 2 East at Exit 27 - Massachusetts 2 East - Boston. The state's largest city is 92 miles to the east. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 3 - U.S. 5/Vermont 9 East - Brattleboro/Keene. Vermont 9 enters the state of New Hampshire less than 1/2 mile to the east. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at Exit 7 - U.S. 5/Vermont 11/Vermont 106 - Springfield. Springfield is four miles to the northwest of this interchange. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 North at unmarked Exit 10S - Interstate 89 South - Airport/New Hampshire. At the end of this off-ramp, motorists immediately begin crossing the Connecticut River into New Hampshire. (Photo taken 7/9/05)
Interstate 91 South at Exit 10S - Interstate 89 South - Airport/New Hampshire. Interstate 89 travels through New Hampshire and Vermont and connects Concord, Lebanon, Montpelier, and Burlington. (Photo taken 7/9/05)

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Last updated: January 19, 2006