MD 90

Highway Review:
MD 90 provides an alternate route to Ocean City from the west. It is a super-two highway for its entire length, with interchanges at all highways except for an at-grade intersection between the Assawoman Bay bridges.

Highway Information:
Distance: 11.6 miles
Counties traveled through: Worcester
Highway intersections: U.S. 50 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 113 (Mile 4.1), MD 589 (Mile 5.7), MD 528 (Mile 11.6)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 50, west of Ocean City

U.S. 50 East approaching Ocean City and the MD 90 East
exit. All traffic wanting to go to northern Ocean City is
advised to use MD 90. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
U.S. 50 East approaching MD 90 East - Ocean City -
North of 33rd St. - 1/2 mile. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
U.S. 50 East at MD 90 East exit. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
MD 90 East assurance shield just east of U.S. 50. The
highway ends about 11 miles ahead at MD 528, just next
to the Atlantic Ocean. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
"Two-Way Traffic Next 12 Miles" signage on MD 90 East.
The speed limit is signed at 55 mph along this highway.
(Photo taken 3/17/03)


MD 90 East at U.S. 113 - Dover/Snow Hill exit. (Photo
taken 3/17/03)
MD 90 East at MD 589 - Ocean Pines exit. (Photo taken

MD 528, Ocean City

MD 90 East approaching MD 528 in Ocean City. The
Atlantic Ocean is less than a mile straight ahead.
There is no end sign at this terminus, but as I
figured out, that is normal for Maryland. (Photo taken
MD 90 East at MD 528 in Ocean City. The ocean is
just past the hotel straight ahead. Ocean City was
basically dead on this Monday afternoon and the
reason is obvious! (Photo taken 3/17/03) Home --> Other Highway Guides --> Delaware Trip Home

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