Interstate 76 runs from Westfield Center, Ohio, to Bellmawr, New Jersey. Most of its length runs along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. In Philadelphia, the interstate runs along the Schuylkill Expressway. A tricky part of the interstate's routing in Philadelphia near PA 291 squeezes Interstate 76 traffic into the right two lanes, and if unfamiliar with the area, you can get off the highway when you don't want to!

All pictures taken 3/19/03

From the off-ramp from Interstate 676 West to Interstate
76 East, this sign advises motorists about Exit 345 in
3/10 mile. The interchange is squeezed between the
interstate and the Schuykill Expressway. A hairpin turn
just ahead turns traffic back into the proper direction.
Still on the off-ramp from Interstate 676 West, Exit 345
for 30th St. and Market St. departs. The ramp will finally
merge onto Interstate 76 just ahead.
Interstate 76 East at Exit 346A - South Street.
Interstate 76 East at Exit 346B - Grays Ferry Ave./
University Ave.
Interstate 76 East at Exit 346C - 28th St. The tricky
exits mentioned earlier are just ahead. Of course, I
wasn't paying attention to the arrows, and there was too
much risk in trying to get over, so I ended up exiting off
the highway!
Interstate 76 East approaching Exit 347A - TO PA 291/
Interstate 95 South, and Exit 347B - Passyunk Avenue/
Oregon Avenue - 1/4 mile. Notice just one lane is
allocated for Interstate 76 through traffic!
Interstate 76 East at Exit 347A - TO PA 291/Interstate
95 South - Penrose Ave./Intl. Airport, and Exit 347B -
Passyunk Avenue/Oregon Avenue. Another lane is now
available for through traffic on Interstate 76, but look
what lane I'm in! Oops!
Thankfully, it wasn't hard getting back on the right
track. Here, Interstate 76 East has Exit 349 - PA 611 -
Broad St./Sports Complex. Once you get past this
wall, Veterans Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field
are visible.
Interstate 76 East at Exit 350 - TO Interstate 95/
Packer Ave. This is the final exit in Pennsylvania. But,
the next exit is Exit 354. How can that be? See the
Interstate 76 New Jersey page to find out!
Interstate 76 East on the Walt Whitman Bridge. Two
eastbound lanes were available on this particular
early afternoon. The speed limit was set at 35, but
nobody, including myself, was going even close to that!

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