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AR 12

AR 12 connects OK 116 east of Colcord to Rogers. The highway ends at AR 23 in northern Madison County.

All photos were taken 5/21/04

"Welcome to Oklahoma" sign as AR 12
West ends.
"Welcome to Arkansas" sign at the
eastbound beginning of AR 12.
AR 43 is about 1/4 mile ahead.
AR 12 West at AR 43. This intersection
sees a lot of traffic. Traffic on AR 12
does not stop. Actually, the first time
I was in this area, there was a fatality
accident here.
AR 12 West at AR 59B in Gentry.
AR 12 West at AR 59.
AR 12 West at AR 264 East.
AR 12 West at AR 112 South.
U.S. 71B North/AR 12 West at AR
12 West.
U.S. 71B North/AR 12 West at AR 112
North in Bentonville. AR 12 in this area
is an overcrowded 2-lane road.