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A lOOk at sOMe SIgN gOOfs fROm aRouND tHe coUnTRy

Have you ever been driving down the highway and you see something on a sign that you know is just totally wrong? Or maybe it's a sign that's conflicting with one right next to it? At OKRoads.com, this is the page that exposes sign goofs around the country.

Note: I have moved all Oklahoma sign goofs to OKHighways.com. Please click here to see the OKHighways.com Sign Goofs page.


In Kansas City, Missouri, this sign gantry on Interstate 435
North at Exit 57 for Front St. has one glaring error - Exit 55A is
for U.S. 210? The sign on the far left, however, is correct by
displaying MO 210. (Photo taken 11/30/02)
Not necessarily a sign goof, but a weird-looking sign is seen
here on KS 68 East at U.S. 69 North near Louisburg, KS. The
"y" in "Kansas City" is a little out of place. (Photo taken
In Denton, TX, Interstate 35 South at Exit 467 - Interstate 35W
South - Ft. Worth. These signs are relatively new, but the I-35W
shield is missing off the exit sign! As of August 2003, the
sign was still lacking the Interstate 35W shield. (Photo taken
In Houston, TX, Interstate 45 South approaching Interstate 10.
The missing shields continue, as the middle sign for Interstate
10 West is missing its shield. (Photo taken 12/17/02)
There are two things wrong with the left sign on this sign
gantry, on Interstate 44 West at Exit 161 near Ft. Leonard
Wood, Missouri. First, the sign has a Business Loop I-44
shield, and it should be an Interstate 44 shield. Second, why
is there an up arrow on the top part of the sign? Someone
really messed up this sign. (Photo taken 5/24/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 98 - TX 207 South - Claude.
Except the TX 207 shield is missing from the sign. (Photo
taken 6/23/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 170 - Carnuel, near Albuquerque,
New Mexico. Why there is an Interstate 40 shield there, I have
no idea. But this is typical for the Land of Enchantment! (Photo
taken 6/23/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 275 - Santa Rosa, in New Mexico.
The left 1/4 of the sign is missing. Anybody want to go to Nta
Osa at Xit 275? (Photo taken 6/23/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 167 - U.S. 66/NM 556 - Central/
Tramway. First, this sign looks more like a non-interstate
sign in Mississippi than an interstate exit sign. Second, U.S.
66 hasn't existed in years. And third, why would you put a
city limit sign in the top center of an exit sign? One answer to
all of these questions: this is New Mexico. (Photo taken
Interstate 40 West at Exit 160 - Carlisle Blvd., in Albuquerque.
All caps on an exit sign? Yet another example of poor New
Mexico sign practices. (Photo taken 6/24/03)
One more from New Mexico. Here is Interstate 40 West at
Exit 164 - Wyoming Blvd. Wrong font on this sign. But, hey,
at least it isn't in all caps! (Or in Clearview, like ALL signs in
Georgia!) (Photo taken 6/24/03)
Not really a sign goof, but funny nonetheless: Interstate 40
West at Exit 120 - Water Rd., in the middle of the Mojave
Desert in California. It doesn't look like there's any water here
for miles! (Photo taken 6/25/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 133 - U.S. 95 North - Searchlight/
Las Vegas. Except the U.S. 95 shield is placed on the left
sign post, below the BGS. (Photo taken 6/25/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 148 - TO U.S. 95 South - Blythe.
U.S. 95 South is spelled out instead of using shields, which is
the standard practice. (Photo taken 6/25/03)
Interstate 35 North approaching Exit 54 - U.S. 36 - 1 mile,
near Cameron, Missouri. Except that the sign prominently
displays a MO 36 shield. (Photo taken 6/30/03)
U.S. 69 South at K-68 - Louisburg/Ottawa exit in Louisburg,
Kansas. The font on this sign is too small and condensed for
most eyes to see. Thankfully, this sign will probably be
replaced soon, because the day after I took this picture, the
southbound lanes were closed for reconstruction. (Photo
taken 6/30/03)


In the state of Delaware, DE 404 is signed as U.S.
404 in a couple places. The first one is seen here, at DE 1
South at U.S. 9/DE 404 West in Lewes. (Photo taken
DE 404 East approaching Business DE 404 near
Bridgeville. The shields for both routes are U.S. 404 ones!
(Photo taken 8/5/03)