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U.S. 63

U.S. 63 goes from Ruston, Louisiana, to Ashland, Wisconsin. Throughout the Natural State, U.S. 63 connects El Dorado, Pine Bluff, Stuttgart, Forrest City, Jonesboro, and Walnut Ridge. The highway shares a lengthy duplex with Interstate 40 between Exit 193 and Exit 277, then U.S. 63 heads north on Interstate 55 to its Exit 23. From Interstate 55 to Jonesboro, the highway is slowly becoming a freeway which will eventually be renamed Interstate 555. It is unknown at this time whether this will cause U.S. 63 to be relocated or not.


U.S. 63 South at Exit 14 - U.S. 63B/
AR 75 - Lepanto/Parkin. (Photo
taken 7/15/04)
U.S. 63 South at AR 149 South.
(Photo taken 7/15/04)
U.S. 63 South at U.S. 63B/AR 149
North. (Photo taken 7/15/04)
This sign along U.S. 63 South near
Tyronza is one of many advertising
the highway as future Interstate 555.
(Photo taken 7/15/04)
U.S. 63 South at AR 118 and AR
322 West. (Photo taken 7/15/04)
U.S. 63 South at AR 135 North.
(Photo taken 7/15/04)
U.S. 63 South at AR 77 North.
(Photo taken 7/15/04)
U.S. 63/AR 77 South at Interstate
55 South. U.S. 63 will be duplexed
with Interstate 55 for the next 16
miles, but there are no signs
mentioning that move. (Photo
taken 7/15/04)