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Interstate 30

Interstate 30 provides access between Fort Worth, Dallas, Texarkana, and Little Rock. The shortest Interstate x0 at a length of just 367 miles, Interstate 30 spends most of those miles in the Lone Star State of Texas

From its beginning at Interstate 20 west of Fort Worth, Interstate 30 spends its first five miles in a rural area. Once it meets Interstate 820 for the first time, however, the surrounding area changes drastically, and Interstate 30 becomes the main highway from Fort Worth to Dallas. This stretch of highway was originally the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike. The interchanges at TX 360 and Loop 12 have their unusual design because of the highway's original configuration. (Plus, it would be very very very expensive to redo the interchanges!) The highway maintains three lanes in each direction from the western Interstate 820 junction (Exit 5) to TX 205 (Exit 68).

After leaving Dallas behind, the highway continues northeast as it heads through Greenville, Sulphur Springs, Mount Pleasant, and Texarkana. After intersecting U.S. 59 and U.S. 71 at Exits 223A-B, Interstate 30 enters the state of Arkansas. About 30 miles later, the highway has two interchanges for the city of Hope, the birthplace of former President Bill Clinton. Interstate 30 then makes its way towards Arkadelphia, which is a gateway of sorts for the Hot Springs area. A cloverleaf interchange is in place at U.S. 270 at mile marker 98. U.S. 70 joins the interstate at mile marker 111, and are duplexed to Little Rock. A resurfacing project is well underway on Interstate 30 from mile marker 117 to mile marker 133. Two lanes are allotted in each direction and the highway has a 55 mph speed limit. After leaving the construction area, Interstate 30 heads to the north at the beginning of both Interstate 440 and Interstate 530. Interstate 30 then heads through the east part of downtown Little Rock, crosses over the Arkansas River, and finds its eastern end at Interstate 40 in North Little Rock.

Highway Information

States Traveled Through
(Mileage in state)
Texas (223.74)
Arkansas (143.02)
Total Mileage 366.76
Cities Texas:
Ft. Worth, Dallas,
Greenville, Sulphur
Springs, Mt. Pleasant,

Texarkana, Hope,
Arkadelphia, Malvern,
Benton, Little Rock

Source 10/31/02 Interstate
Route Log & Finder List
OKRoads Coverage
Miles Driven
by OKRoads
367 (100%)
Western End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 20
Eastern End of
Interstate Driven
Interstate 40

Selected Pictures
For more pictures of Interstate 30 from a particular state, click on the state below.

Interstate 30 East at Exit 5B -
Interstate 820 North. (Photo taken
Interstate 30 East approaching Exit
15A - Interstate 35W/U.S. 377 North -
1/2 mile. The exit tab mistakenly says
Exit 15B, which is actually for U.S. 287
South. (Photo taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 44B - TO
Interstate 35E South - Industrial Blvd.
(Photo taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 46 - Interstate
45/U.S. 75 - Houston/Sherman. (Photo
taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 53B - U.S. 80
East - Terrell. This is the western
terminus of the federal route. (Photo
taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 56C -
Interstate 635 South. (Photo taken
Interstate 30 East at Exit 223A - U.S. 71
South - State Line Avenue. (Photo
taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 2 - AR 245 - Airport.
This interchange is currently a diamond
interchange, but may be converted to a
high-speed interchange in the future. AR 245
is a 4-lane freeway from here southward
and may eventually become either Interstate
49 or Interstate 130. (Photo taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 98A - U.S. 270
East - Malvern. (Photo taken 7/14/04)
Interstate 30 West at Exit 138 - Interstate
440 East - Little Rock National Airport/River
Port. (Photo taken 7/15/04)
Interstate 30 West at Exit 139B - Interstate
630. (Photo taken 7/15/04)
Interstate 30 East at Exit 143A - Interstate 40
West/U.S. 65/AR 107 North - Fort Smith,
and Exit 143B - Interstate 40 East/U.S. 67/
U.S. 167 North - Memphis. Traffic in the other
direction was backed up due to an accident
near the 15th St. exit. (Photo taken 7/15/04)

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