The most famous beltway in the country, Interstate 495 is the Capital Beltway, encircling the Washington, DC area. It also shares a duplex with Interstate 95 for most of its eastern half.

All pictures taken 3/17/03

Interstate 495 North at Exit 49B - Interstate 66 East -
Washington. The bottom half of the sign is a VMS
due to the changing restrictions on the highway.
During rush hour, the highway is restricted to inbound
HOV-2 traffic, which would have meant that I
wouldn't be able to drive on it alone! (Well, I could
have, but that would be illegal.)
Interstate 495 North at Exit 49C - Interstate 66
West - Vienna/Front Royal. There is also a loop
ramp for Interstate 66 West at Exit 49A.
Interstate 495 North approaching Exit 49B -
Interstate 66 East - 1 mile. Exit 50B for U.S. 50
East exits off the collector/distributor lane here as
Interstate 495 North at Exits 50B-A - U.S. 50 -
Arlington Blvd./TO U.S. 29 - Lee Hwy. - Arlington/
Interstate 495 North at Exit 51 - VA CR-650 -
Gallows Rd.
Interstate 495 North at Exits 52B-A - VA 236 -
Little River Turnpike - Annandale/Fairfax.
Interstate 495 North at Exits 54B-A - VA CR-620 -
Braddock Rd.

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